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From ongoing anti-lockdown protests amid the coronavirus pandemic to Donald Trump snapping at a front-line nurse, these are the most maddening politics videos of the week.

In US news and current events today, the coronavirus pandemic continues across the U.S., as many states start reopening amid COVID-19. But from Donald Trump snapping at essential workers during his White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings to anti-lockdown protests amid COVID19 in states like Michigan, North Carolina, and California — here are some of the biggest politics and coronavirus stories this week.

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America in movies : save the world
America in real life : can't save themself

Author — g4r15


Hey guys. Since Trump is president now, can I be next? I'm 8 and have a mental illness. Im probably just as qualified.

Author — KillerbeamWasTaken


The amount of hipocrisy you have in this country is sickening.

Author — Ravi Fonseca


This is another reason why most people see Americans as a joke.

Author — pleb :/


So these protestors are yelling in cops' faces and potentially exposing them to the virus and no arrest? Alwhite then.

Author — Roxy Codone


Native Americans peacefully protesting get a miniature army in response, these guys have guns and are pushing and shoving and nothing is happening amazing

Author — Mitchel Tillman


I’m glad that it’s getting attention, the fact that white colored Americans don’t get targeted even at their most violent. Yet real peaceful protesters of color get beat and mistreated. We live in a shameful corrupt America! Land of the free only if your rich or in power!

Author — Elias Flores


This is why the world looks at America and laugh

Author — ZeusDidMolly


This guy just wanted to say "heil Hitler", didn't he

Author — Victoria V


This country is the worst i've seen on handling the COVID19 pandemic.

Author — Matthew Joshua Sosito


Honestly what is going on in America. Guy shouting “Heil Hitler”. The country under DJT is disappearing down the toilet. The USA needs to throw Trump out. He is taking every citizen to a cliff edge.

Author — James Davidson


i don’t know whether to dislike this video because i hate the protesting idiots so much or to like the video because it’s exposing their stupidity

Author — Stefan Lee


This is just 21 minutes of watching America burn

Author — Juicy Boi


No more America. The world has moved past the need for America.

Author — fowtwenty -


Come on guys, don't just blame trump. These protesters and trump supporters are just as dumb as their leader.

Author — Raymond XL


I know opinions don’t matter on the internet. But man, there is a lot of dumb people on the planet.

Author — Ángel Octavio Mendoza Domínguez


When idiots protest with weapons and no masks they deserve everything g they get. They are asking for it. This is toxic masculinity. These men betrayed themselves by not getting an education!

Author — O’ Mahoney


I hope you guys know that to the outside world this is pure stupidity

Author — Santiago Altamirano


As an European this is just horrifying to watch. By turning protest against social distancing and etc. and turning it into political rallies by blocking ambulances and screaming into doctors and nurses faces is just low and disgusting.

Author — qw1217


America needs more education.A lot of uneducated people makes a lot of problems!

Author — Miss Sunshine