Ann Coulter: The Coulter Veto | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Political commentator and "Resistance is Futile" author Ann Coulter joins Bill to discuss how Trump's base feels about their man.

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I love that Maher and Coulter have this odd respect for each other.

Author — Noz Urbina


Bill and Ann's relationship is like the relationship of the Dems and reps in the '80s and '90s, they had big fights but they loved each other. Today, most Dems and Reps want to literally kill each other.

Author — Sacred Atheist


Hate to admit it, but she makes some good points.

Author — Rebecca Bunch


The Russia hyperbole bit of this video didn’t age very well for Maher, did it?

Author — Alan Growlin McBride


Honestly, big props to Maher for actually having people on the show that don't simply parrot the same narrative heard on pretty much any other late night show

Author — Alex Hawkenbery


This didn't age well after the Mueller report.

Author — Joshua Nunn


"My gardener has never Strange progressive comment.

Author — Robert Paynter


She predicted the Russia thing here as well...

Author — Aaron Ankrim El


"You want to get Trump? I'm telling you how to get Trump: He promised something for 18 months and he lied about it. THAT'S how you get Trump, it's not this Russia nonsense. You are so wasting time!" -- Ann Coulter, January 25th, 2019.

Fast forward to June 1 of the same year when now the Russia probe itself is under investigation for being politically motivated, or what President Trump called a "witch hunt". How's that crow taste, Bill?

It goes to show that even when a conservative hands libs the very key to victory to defeating one of their own, they will continue to zealously blather their own party line nonsense to the point of self-destruction. Have a nice, completely voluntary "retirement", Mr. Mueller!

Author — DigitalChainsaw


Then came the Mueller report...what a parrot he is.

Author — W7


Hindsight proves Coulter quite right on the Russian probe.

Author — Freddy Maf


I'm mixed-Latino from Mexican illegal immigrants and I live in California and even I admit: Build the damn wall already!

Author — D Dixon


hate her all you want but I think she looks good at 98

Author — L F


Bill: “A wall won’t solve the problem”
At least Ann is trying to solve this migration issue. Instead of just letting it happen. Does he think everyone should just give up? The USA won’t survive without immigration reform.

Author — Seb 96


"Im sorry, Ill make it up to u in bed tonight" LMAO x'dd they both blushed, oh im sure they are friends alright, but with benefits for sure! they banging

Author — SeArCh4DrEaMz


Either bill maher has an applause sign or his audience are a bunch of clapping seals.

Author — Jeff S.


"That's ok, I'll make it up to you in bed tonight" lol. Bill knows we know.

Author — High Integrity Skills


This makes me cringe. I wish Bill was better at debating this stuff.

Author — Duke of Bread


Bill Maher: “Let’s go to war in Venezuela.”

We can’t even defend our own border and we’re getting involved in foreign revolutions.

Author — Dean Gulberry


Say what you want about her, she does make some good points.

Author — Loooch