What does Roger Stone's arrest mean for the Russia investigation?

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The former longtime political adviser to President Trump is indicted on charges of obstruction, making false statements and witness tampering in the Mueller probe.

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“I have no insight into these particular charges.”

Oh ok, good. End of relevant info. Thanks Fox...

Author — Wade Wojcik


I'm starting to feel sorry for Fox! NOT! Specially Tucker and Pirro - "THE OBNOXIOUS"

Author — joseane silva reis


Leave it to Fox News to bring someone on to analyze Roger Stone being arrested and the conclusion at the end of the segment is Hillary should be jail and Muellers investigation is an attack on Donald Trump.

Author — daniel wise


I always come to the fox news comments section when I want to get a good laugh out of my day lol.

Author — Omar Ronzon


But but what about Hillary...we need a 14th investigation into Benghazi more!

Author — Ed Bear


Triggered Conservatives in the comments

Have fun! 😅

Author — Karlos Jeffers


Just waiting for the typical reaction of this is proof, let's impeach him now.

Author — coolfuze


The FBI are CAUGHT leaking the "raid" and arrest to CNN "reporter"...who then later is found out to be former FBI agent.. SMH

Author — Elizabeth M


Analysis, Mr. Henry? 😶 That? 😶

What’s so analytical about a fit of histrionics 💥

Author — Lincoln Lloyd Redley


Lock em up...they have been stealing money from US by tax fraud

Author — Geb Old


witch hunt continues to find witches


Author — s r


This comment section is some of the best entertainment I’ve seen in a loooong while 😂


Author — 2020


Trump: “I never knew him. Probably met him once or twice in my life. WITCH HUNT. so sad.”

Author — rdvgrd6


Witch hunt very successful - they've almost bagged their limit.

Author — Robert Quesinberry


Let this sink in for a minute: The FBI tipped off the media about a raid so they could be there with cameras to record.

Author — Chip Kempston


Judgement is Coming!! KEEP PUSHING FORWARD!!

Author — Cynthia Trullinger


A1mazing CNN was there to film the arrest live how's that possible

Author — Martin Langan


I'm here for honest reporting hahaha hahaha. Loved the foxes faces when they announced Stones arrest and Trump crumbling on wall.

Author — Windsor Castle


"We have found a witch, may we burn him?" [Eric Idle]

Author — Kerkopes


The cognitive dissonance in these comments is crazy 😂😂

Author — Pug isolation