How to make pitch and proposal videos - Video marketing for business #9

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Crowd funding is becoming an increasingly popular way to fund new or expanding businesses that have the potential to provide a good return on investment.
Video is a popular way for investors to view your pitch and understand what you have to offer.
Video can also be used to support business proposals alongside quotes and written documentation.
In all cases the inclusion of video can help you stand out by demonstrating your product or service and proving your credibility and capability.
Making this type of video requires lots of planning and careful scripting.
You really need to get this right as it may be your one chance of securing the desired result.
This is a very specialised area where often there is only a few viewers you need to impress.
For this reason it is highly recommended that you research this process well, or consult a specialist to help you shape your video proposal.
Like all business presentations, choosing what to say and how it should be structered will be critical to keep your potential investor or prospective client watching till the end.
Understanding what is important to them will be the key to retaining their attention and securing a positive outcome.
Sucessful videos can demonstrate your expertise, communicate your businesses personality and can inspire the viewer to select your proposal.
If your business offering is a product or real world service, then you will need to show video footage of it in action.
Software or more complex services may suit an animation to help explain how it works.
You may end up with a blend of personal presentation, video footage and animation to get all your points across.
A well made video will give you a competitive advantage when looking for funding or pitching for a project.
The time and costs incurred will be quickly repaid and you have a format you can use again.
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I think this should be called "Why" make a pitch video, because it doesn't actually answer 'how', it just explains why it's a good idea.

Author — Dean Peters-Wright


even that this one is 2 min long, only x1.25 speed is helped me to finish this

Author — Freeze


I did enjoy your video, which is why I have left a comment

Author — howtomakemoneyonline


Seeing this reflects me of just how cutting-edge video clip computer animation has actually excelled compared to the old day.

Author — Video Marketing


4.6 billion video ads are watched online each year. Get on it!

Author — Varx Marketing


Great video and it certainly makes you realise how improtant video marketing is!

Author — Local Business Video Agency


If your company doesn't have the experience in creating professional videos, it will be a long learning curve to get up-to-speed. If you have it in your budget I'd highly recommend that you hire a professional to create them for you. Doing so will allow you to focus on growing your business rather than solely working in it. I agree that a well made video will give you a competitive advantage and position your company as the experts. None of us should be ignoring video at this point in time, especially with 4 billion daily YouTube video views. That's a massive number, that's growing by leaps and bounds as your potential customers increase their consumption. The opportunity is now, please don't let it pass you by... Great Tips, Bravo!

Author — Best Local Businesses In Monterey CA


Good video bro!, thanks. What sound is that?

Author — Jantzen Rodriguez


Hello, what software did you use to make this video?

Author — Kreddevil9