One Year of Log Cabin Building / One Man Building His Dream House

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It's one year since I started this journey of building my off grid log cabin, which was a dream of mine since I was a kid and last October 2018 I decided and took the courage to start with this huge build by myself. Since then I came a long way, working in every weather imaginable, seeing many amazing sunsets and overcoming every obstacle in order to have the log cabin as it is now. I documented most of my work and put all of the best moments into this 2 hour documentary. I think I have another year to completely finish the house, but I'm more than happy whit what I've done so far. Hope you enjoy the video and thank you very much for watching and thanks to everyone that has been watching and supporting my channel.

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how can you dislike that? theres no talk, no ads, no bulshit begging for nothing. This video is really satisfying !

Author — Denis Caetano


Other YouTubers: 15min Video, 1h work, 5 Ads

This amazing guy: 2h Video, 1Year work, no Ads
Appreciate it. 👍🏿

Author — Du Nicht


This dude is a beast! Can you imagine shaving all those trees by hand!

Author — Michael D


It is a masterpiece, stunningly filmed and what a craftmanship and perseverance.This documentary is fit for the cinema.

Author — Walter van Beuzekom


Women: He never talks to me. He's probably out there cheating.

Author — Chocola


Guys take a moment and

there is no advertising

Author — ImFyre


1:18 I had my volume down and I thought this dude was dragging the tree by hand XD

Author — Logan Newhart


Stunning documentary, the care he took to not only do this painstaking work, but also to stop what he was doing to carefully place the camera into position, walk back what he was doing, always thinking of the viewer-unbelievable. This man has to be one of the most self-disciplined individuals I have ever encountered. Most of us would have tried and given up after a few hours. Let there be no mistake-what he is doing is dangerous and he risks lots of injuries-but my impression is that he is a careful, cautious individual so is avoiding careless errors. Working late at night also increases the probability of injury due to fatigue. The silence is powerful-sure it would be interesting for those interested in actually building a log cabin to have some instructional dialogue, but for most of us this is not necessary. Those interested certainly are free to reach out to this videographer.

Again, I'm stunned at what he is doing and has done. I'm so happy to see that he has millions of views! Congratulations, Mr. Rijavec!

Author — paul fernandez


Some say he built a log cabin all by himself, using his bare hands, wit, skill and determination. Some say he's still on the mountain, throwing axes blindly over his shoulder, scaring small animals into hiding. All we know is, his name is Nik Rijavec.

Author — Chris Simmons


This man is at peace with himself and is not worried about missing a damn thing around the world

Author — Jaw Droppers


This man took Minecraft to a whole other level.

Author — Will Dog


This is the most elaborate Husqvarna commercial I have ever seen.

Author — Shawn Rizer


I was highly impressed when he changed the tractor tire. I've changed them before. They weigh a lot. I'm 51 now. I wish I still had the energy to do work like this. I loved it. He did a great job on this project. If I had the land I would so do this with some help.

Author — Joe Hutchinson


3 am: exists
Me seeing a 2 hr vid of dude building a log cabin: say no more

Author — Elliot Wlasiuk


When I can't sleep, I take a Valium. When this guy can't sleep, he goes outside in the dark & snow and films himself stripping the bark off a few thousand pound logs.

Author — Osmium


Where do you get to find something like this because i would love to do somwthing like this when im older.
This is beautiful and i wish i live there. I hope i can do some thing like this in the adirondacks. The reason i say this is because i love the views from the mountains their and i love to hike the trails and explore their but im not sure if their is any land that isnt state owned. But i cant wait till then

Author — Baby Pr1mus


I would like to point out the amount of PLANNING this took. Like the knowledge of engineering and math that this took to even consider doing ...

Author — Pres Play


You were on a mission-- accomplished my friend, wished I was there w you to smell the wood scents and aroma of freshly cut wood, great work, solid!!!

Author — Lori Martin


amazing. how on earth did he manage on his own, with all the different camera angles, the time involved setting them up etc... then doing the log work absolutely amazing physically beyond anything i can think of in words.

Author — Hemi V8


Mr Beast-
“Plants 20 mil trees”

“It’s free Real estate”

Author — Dakota Stutzman