Records show thousands of UFO sightings in Manitoba

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Jon Hendricks on records showing thousands of UFO sightings stretching back to the earliest days of the province's existence.

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Why do news casters always laugh or try to ridicule the topic of UFO's? Very immature and annoying

Author — Mrz. Taylor


lol, did that guy enhance the photo in Paint 3:05

Author — Michael Kinyua


Earth being a little speck of dust in space, why would you believe we are the only one's here, cmon.

Author — Lisa


I've seen 3 in my Life. I definitely believe we're not alone.

Author — merlinsdog


I don't care about what all you think, I know what I saw 😶

Author — Brian Mostowy


“Was able to enhance the video somewhat”
*opens Microsoft paint* 😂

Author — Matt Holmes


do we honestly think with all the reports over decades that extraterrestrials dont exist?

Author — JaceD4V1S88


Notice how they go out of there way to show the ones that turn out to be a drone and only mention the fact about some being unidentified. The news is a complete joke when it comes to the UFO phenomenon and the Alien Presence. The more those ridiculous news anchors laugh and giggle every time they have to talk about this subject, The more ignorant they show themselves to be! Pathetic

Author — Michael Shane Harkness


It is almost a shame that the advent and widespread use of drones is muddling the credibility of what might well be legitimate UFO sightings.

Author — Steven


I saw them when I was a boy can't prove it .but oh well.

Author — Donald Brookings


The Government knows all about it . They want to hide it cause it would cause chaos and how people would see the Government for all their LIES

Author — Sandy Chisholm


I saw dots moving near the moon on the way to school in the morning, I saw it twice so far, then I watch and it suddenly disappears...creepy right..?

Author — M&M's Mhmmm


I saw one when I was 8 yrs old it was a triangle with a purple light around it

Author — TheBeatlesFan420


UFOs have been reported for thousands of years.. Long before anything was flying, well before Kites too.. Well before China invented rockets and fireworks..

Author — ThomasTheSailor Chubby


We don't own this realm! We live on it, Humans think that they have all rights to it, you don't

Author — Steve Dunkley


I saw a glowing orange orb in the sky when I was a kid. I can tell you the feeling I got was nothing less than scared af.

Author — Paige Deede


3:04 "enhance"- zoom in with Microsoft paint 😂😅😂

10:59 PM

Author — Happy John


(¬_¬)Yahawahshi and the angels are out there, judgement day is round the corner!

Author — Xarl Manshoon


Laughing? One day she'll understand...

Author — Liviu Marius


1:11 that is 100% a drone lady. 1:30 you literally described ball lightning.

Author — iamramekin