India TV Sting Exposes Prostitution Racket In High-Profile Delhi Hotels

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India TV on Friday night exposed a prostitution racket carried out in high profile hotels in Delhi, with the help of hidden cameras.

The sting was carried out in government run hotels, Ashoka and Smarat. Hotel Ashok is the foremost of Delhi's five-star hotels and the flagship hotel of the Ashok Group which is set in a prime location in Delhi's diplomatic enclave and a stone's throw distance from the high-security Prime Minister's residence.

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देश का सबसे बड़ा बकवास न्यूज़ चेन्नल ..आप ये बताये की बरखा दत्त कोन हैं ?

Author — Kamal Sinver


To paise dekar reporter ne kuCh kiya ya Nhi lol

Author — harry Singh


he is reporting like in govt hotel PM is prostituting !!! lol

Author — ajith kumar


न्यूज चैनल वाले हरामजादो देश में और भ्रष्टाचार खुले आम हो रहा है तो उसको सालो तुम लोगो को दिखाई नहीं देता कोई किसी मजबूरी में अपना ये धंधा करती होगी

Author — Manmohan Jaiswal


5 minute ki report ke lie 30 minute khaa jana kya jayaj hai ? Bakwaas News

Author — Parveen Komal


delhi police apni londiyaa chuudwa rahi hai 10.000 mai

Author — manu dada


politician ke liye free sex hoga vaha par

Author — Herry Rai


सर! उन्हें बिल्कुल पता नही चला कि आप मीडिया के हो इसका मतलब आपने पैसे देकर सर्विस भी लिया ।।

Author — Mr. Dhiren Aryan


the irritaing narration makes it impossible to watch

Author — Odysseus


This should be legalised. You can never get rid of this so recognise and regulate it.

Author — Varun B


यार आप लोगों को कया परौबलम है। लड़की का अपना शरीर है वो जो मरजी करे। आपको तकलीफ किस बात की हुई।
अगर यह थंदा खुलेआम चले लो बलतकार होने बंद हो सकते हैं।। 09814442900

Author — Kamal Dhillon


90% of the video is junk by the two anchors and rest is by the narrator

Author — aksmnnit s


This is how they stretch 5 minutes story into 30 minutes story.

Author — jay1970


Everyone is aware of the callgirls in our country. I think if someone wants to be in this profession willingly, so what is the problem in that?? India should follow France model. Its total bakwas news and medieval law.

Author — Navneet Das


Buddhe Karen maje, young couple's goome toh ladke ki maar mar ke Lund Tod den

Author — Ashish Verma


Reporter himself sounds like a Gay..

Author — Raja Mohan


and learn how 2 talk 2 girls go and learn take some classes it will benafit ya

Author — Aleshaa Rees


high profile office location having good time with call girls, , , what a luxury life... Asian all ways criticizing the west,

Author — ElizaUK Samad


Is PM have CCTV camera Then why the images of PM including at the International theatre

Author — Sham Kumar


सवाल ये है??

स्टिंग ऑपरेशन भी हो गया

रिपोर्टर मजे भी ले लिया।।


Author — WHW What Happens When