FBI investigating drones flying over Colorado and other states

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The FBI is helping investigate the growing mystery of unidentified drones flying over Colorado and Nebraska. The drones have been spotted buzzing hundreds of feet in the air at night. Investigators are looking for a suspicious vehicle to help track down who is responsible. Janet Shamilian reports.

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Why dont they just follow the drones with their own drone... seems like a simple answer.

Author — Drew Morris


"SERIOUSLY"? If the cops cant identify the drone operator, how would they every id the person shooting it down? This is nefarious!

Author — Jason Tempel


That one lady is worried about drones looking inside her house when everybody in the world is being watched inside their own homes by Celular Phones, T.V.'s, etc.... 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Mabi Mogavi


The military knows why. They are making fools out of you.

Author — El Ru


There's a battle going on, many don't know but a day after Christmas 2019 the FAA released a 319 page (NPRM) Proposal - If carried out the 60-70+-year-old hobby of RC Model Flying ANYTHING in the US would be put in serious jeopardy. Amazon, Google, UPS, FedEx, ect wants to commercialize 0-400' airspace for massive profit. The FAA needs the public on their side otherwise it will appear what it is, a "land grab" for airspace by corporate lobbyists. HOURS later we have the sightings of drones "mysteriously" appearing in Colorado and Nebraska...as an ex-employee of Lockheed Martin, believe me, the FAA could find out all about this in 24 hours or less...if they wanted to. My prediction is they will drag this out for another week and then "mysteriously" all the drone sightings will go away. At RC Model Flying clubs all around the country, people are now scrambling to draw up a response to the FAA since they only gave us until March to respond. Don't believe me, search for any combination of "FAA" "remote ID" "proposal"....on YouTube. The RC Model Flying community around the world knows if it goes through in the US it will probably be adopted in their country so all are concerned worldwide.
Remember this affects EVERYONE who flies's RC...not just "drones" ALL RC Aircraft.
I myself fly fix-wing model RC aircraft, but for those who might hate drones...wait till the big commercial drones start flying because that's what this is really about...

Author — mboiko


"Don't shoot down the drones that's illegal" yet these drones are following people and putting fear into people's lives ok boomer

Author — maxislife 123456789


Again another report by the CBS This Morning crew without an IR camera. You can get a FLIR ONE IR camera attachment for your smartphone and point it at these drones for an IR look. If you don't do that why not get a night vision camera lens like the CNN crew had back in 1990's during Desert Storm. Its within news gathering means to do an investigative report on these drones with expanded means, but none of that. WHY NOT? Its not illegal. Also, follow these drones. They must land somewhere. They all require fuel or electricity to function. Also question what they are in the air looking for. What is on or underneath colorado and nebraska land that seems to be of interest. Agriculture? If so, farmers would be easy to identify. Oil? Maybe, but there are other ways to search for oil...What makes it financially worth sending up these drones to fly in that area? And why does it take a bonding of 77 agencies to search for who's behind this... Weird story and CBS needs to get serious about finding out the deeper questions behind it. Maybe joint operations with other networks and local TV stations? Passive interviews with local witnesses is not cutting it. Put a serious 60 minutes team on this asap.

Author — ocker mmm


“Drones”, that’s what they want you to think 😏

Author — OrdinaryGhoul


The morning of 4/10/2020 I was up couldn't sleep so I was just looking out my window and noticed a drone my first thought. Airplane, than I noticed more and more, total of 5 before I told someone else and we watched drone after drone flying right above our neighborhood from west to east didn't count but at least 30 drones was flying between 4 am and 6am

Author — Gerald E-H


there's ufo's over colorado and I ain't too surprised

Author — John Lennon


A Huge UFO at 1:13 in the top middle of the frame, probably its releasing the drones to scout the area. Common people, it's 2020 and nobody still got a good camera with a long zoom? I'm sure that the Aliens are more irritated by that than me XD

Author — From 0 2 100


They are flying over my house right now, been here every night for a month now.

Author — Candice Stevens


I cant wait for the fake bs story they make up for us

Author — M1990chillmode


Been seeing these nightly in Grand County since 14 Nov, 2019. As many as 6 at a time & very low at times. Not sure that they're drones though.

Author — Jeffrey Swayze


Drone over MY home is gonna taste a 30 ought 6 and a good scope !

Author — Mr. painful Truth


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s the government so that they can then use it to regulate and ban drones. Just a hunch I’m probably wrong.

Author — Philip Quinn


if this happened 5 months later we would just sigh in boredom

Author — kevin upton


Its the first wave ! Skynet is awake lol

Author — Barbara Wood


I’ve been seeing these all over the sky in Colorado within this last week

Author — Alyssa Brynne


People have started seeing them in Oklahoma too.

Author — Ashley Johnson