6 Money Traps to Avoid in Your 30s | Phil Town

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6 mistakes:
1) buying a car out of your price range
2) buying a home out of your price range
3) spending too much going out to eat
4) having an expensive significant other
5) paying too much for credit card bills
6) not investing

Author — Greg Carlson


A car is not an investment, is an expense that devalues per year.

Author — Puto Celular


So how does YouTube know I just turned 30 years old?

Author — Patricio Sheridan


Its cheaper to not impress anyone. Disappointing them can be a lot of fun too. That way you can see who they really are.

Author — Armor Combat Systems


You forgot the best one - exercise daily. Costs nothing to run around.

Author — Forward Spots


7)buying a smartphone to watch youtube all day

Author — ky sputnik


if you cant afford to buy it twice, you cant afford it.

Author — Malcolm Preston


social climber friends are money traps too..choose your friends wisely 😊

Author — Alicia Zubiri


Stop going out to eat so much. This will be beneficial for many reasons. It costs way less which is why I’m commenting on this video. Rice, pasta, PB & J, soup, etc. are all very cheap. Also, you lose appreciation for the really good food if you have it all the time. I have a rule that I eat minimalistic during the week and I enjoy food on the weekends. This will also force you into better eating habits where you aren’t packing on the LBs constantly.

Author — Alexander Stewart


I’m 22 bought my first home... decided to rent it out and still live at home with my parents until I pay off my auto payment.... in a year or two.

Author — XCVI Mac


I only want a small home because then I don't need to spend as much time cleaning it 😂

Author — The Dividend Experiment


"having an expensive significant other " this applies to parents too!

Author — VEGA


I’m 25 and lucky I’m doing everything you recommended. Bought a house on a budget remodeled it, bought truck at half the cost used, my wife loves to save money, and we never really eat out, no credit card debt.

Author — greatonline


This was refreshing. I felt like he was in my living room giving me this advice.

Author — Manny Success


I am 28 and i already fell for all this traps in my 20s... Wish that i seen this video in my early 20s. No wonder i feel older than i really am. Oh well, It made me wiser at an earlier age too. :)

Author — Nicenfriendly7


It's easy to avoid money traps when you don't have money ;)

Author — Saablazer


a spouse who overspends because she wants to "help" (aka enable) dysfunctional relatives

Author — Person


Life Lesson: Don't have more Kids then you can Afford. I'm happy with Two right now and can afford on 40k dollar family income

Author — Josh Merrel


Really good advice, simple, easy to understand and achieve. I'm in my early 20s working on savings and small time investment opportunities and some great knowledge in the video and comments

Author — Louise Marriott


Guys remember health is wealth so invest in your health by avoiding drugs of all sort.

Author — Shani King