Putin and Nazarbayev troll CNN smartass on whether a woman can become president of Kazakhstan

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President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev answered a question about whether a woman can become president of Kazakhstan. Nazarbayev has three daughters – Dariga, Dinara and Aliya and no sons.

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I like how these so called western journalists think they are asking such insightful hard hitting questions.

Author — Will Patterson


americans ask dumb questions all the time and think there smart

Author — Tokai Chishi


By the way, Kazakh woman is not crazy and idiot and they are unlike US-Clinton, So they could have oppt- to be leader

Author — Bounliang Yimlamai


It's like a five-year-old asking a question to world leaders... 😂

Author — Yoshi Todo


Kazakh brothers <3
Greetings from Turkey

Author — Hürriyetperver Türk


"Do you think Kazakhstan will be ready for a female president?"
"Yes, at some point. I have three daughters, you know."
That would have been even better.

Author — Richard


they REALLY laugh because they are HUMANS. not like that postrated reptilian smile in obamas face

Author — Julian Mauro


why is that cnn degenerate there in the first place, send him to the gulag.

Author — tom conti


ohhhh that Zakaria fool again goes on showing how stupid he is with his so called questions....

Author — Maximilian0011


American Question is so politically correct thy're out of touch with the rest of the world.Each show host looks like a dictator of his/her own show or they're coached

Author — Putin The Great


God, Fareed Zakaria is pathetic. He's a boy among men.

Author — E Drew


Grace Love and Truth of Christ be with you...

Author — jim52536


I think they just sat up there to make fun of the brown guy

Author — Kalash Operator


Дариға қаншығымды қоямын демекшіғо бұл шал

Author — Omirbek Future


lol they always say they fight sexism but then they make it all about the gender of the candidate and not the capabilities of said candidate.

Author — huswsimonbla


USSR was first country in a world to appoint female ministers. Russia is #1 in the world in quantity of females in government (at least it was 2 years ago). Yet this imbecile still thinks he is lecturing savages about things they don't understand. Embarrassing

Author — inzvy


I believe men should lead otherwise you will loose your nation and create gender role confusion and passive young men like in the west.

Author — TheKnightsOfCamelot


Is it the English Subtitle was not too good or what? I don't quite understand why was the crowd laughing?

"there are such well qualified women, I have met some of them either?"


Author — cococly


Да он нормально модерировал, чё сразу умником его называть.

Author — Jon Irenicus


It’s great seeing Russia and former republics of the USSR hanging tight handling these questions with such humor and poise.

Author — J Dorner