The Kashmir conflict, explained

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Kashmir has a violent past that pre-dates the partition of India and Pakistan. The Kashmir conflict - explained.

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Makes 8 min video about kashmir.Said the line "Hindus were expeled from the area by religious intolerence" faster than ads say the terms and conditons line.

Author — I should have been Studying Now


U know
Hong kong, Palestine, Kasmir
It's because British rull.

Author — Rutu Rathod


Osama bin laden was rebel of humanity not a terrorist right !! Good job!!

Author — Anoop darang


Thank you al jazeera for being a joke of journalists that you have always been.

Author — Nachiketh Hanumante


UN resolution is missing in your video

Author — Aadil Memon


what happen to the original hindu and Buddhist people before islam came in ??? ... go ahead and say something about kashmiri pundits why not ???

Author — Rahul Saikia


This video should be titled "The Kashmir conflict, misexplained."

Author — Andy J


How conveniently did he not describe how a 9th century Hindu and Buddhist kashmir was turned into a Muslim dominated one by 14th century

Author — venki rockstar


0:32 "Islam emerged as a major religion ... (because obviously islam is miraculous)" -> Skips all that happened and why Islam actually became the major religion....

Author — Nikhil Joshi


Forget about the hindu pandits, sad how you make out the mughuls were the good guys. When the were the evil kings.

Do you really think Islam became the major religion, by magic.

Author — A. .D


Kafir ki haqoomat qaim reh sakti hay lekin Zalim ki hakoomat Qaim nahi reh sakti

Author — Syed Ali Abbas Naqvi


You will not get caliphate there. What about kashmiri pandits??

Author — Saksham Chawaria


The more news Al jazeera comes out with, the better we know how biased the channel is.

Author — Pad's


Lol ... Muslim king was just while Hindu was cruel.. so unbiased journalism 😂🤣🤣

Author — sudhanshu dixit


I visited Kashmir like 8 years ago and took a cab for local sight seeing.
The cab driver was born in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. I asked him why did you come here from across the LOC. His answer was a very simple and geniune one. He said, There's nothing to eat in there, people starve to death and there are no means of transportation, no infrastructure, all the natural beauties are being demolished for terrorist training activities and what not.
Just wanted to share my experience...!

Author — Abhishekdavinci


0:29 He says Islam emerged
0:42 he's saying Sikh kind captured.
Fake, manipulated news,
See how these jihadis are playing their victim card, don't fall for this
Third class journalism

Author — rashmi rajput


Where is the PoK side? We want to hear that also.

Author — Ravi Satpute


I am a kashmiri and the problem in kashmir are created by only two factors 1) Islam 2) Pakistan. Any army will shoot if you throw stones at them and indian army showed their greatness when they announced ceasefire in ramzan but still these people attacked them and killed many soldiers. Now about plebiscite it should happen in both parts of kashmir (not j&k, as jammu and ladakh are hindu and buddist majority and they want to be with india)ie in pok, iok, aksai chin but according to UN condition, pakistan must first remove its entire armed forces. And seprate homeland must be given to kashmiri pundits as they are real natives of kashmir.
AL jazeera: journalism should be above religion and political affilation which is completly lacking in your organisation

Author — S


England in the middle of things again!

Author — Bobby Shabangu


You should also do a story on Pakistan occupied Kashmir .

Author — Stanly Thomas