On the road to Mosul with Iraqi forces - BBC News

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Defence correspondent Jonathan Beale is with Iraqi army forces on the road to Mosul.

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Salute to the cameraman! Its bad to say this while war is going on but such a beautiful and intense camera work. Other News channels should learn from this.

Author — Yogesh Raut


now all credit goes to western forces... in CNN its American forces....
for one who knws the reality, who did it...its the hard work of local Iraqi and Peshmerga forces..

Author — Rahul Menon


why is there a French soldier in the background at 0:55 ?

Author — Alex


Some great cinematography in this peace. Not usually a forte in front lines reporting...

Author — Petri Burtsoff


I ´d like to see BBC on the same sideinAleppo..

Author — Filip Šebök


I wish I could be Allah. Even if it were for just one minute!

Author — Leo Cozijn


1:18 they have Zorro on their side nothing can go wrong

Author — Hafid El


MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. Belgian air force launched an airstrike near the village of Husajcu in the province of Aleppo, killing six civilians, said at the Russian Centre for reconciliation in Syria. In Moscow said, what do you expect from USA strong reaction to the incident. Where the reaction most peaceful country in the world?

Author — Андрей Суворов


i feel bad 4 the children. its not their fault.

Author — Sonof KEK


Two years ago Iraqi forces fled from IS, but now with Western help the tide is turning… how hypocrite you are!!!

Author — د. رفعت جاسم


Very clever ploy by the US to push ISIL from Mosul to Syria just as the SAA and the Russians are crushing the "moderate" terrorists in Syria.

Author — pacus123


did the speaker, at the end, say that this might end with a more divided country? how could it be more divided?

Author — gwills24


I would be happy if Syria and Iraq be liberated.

Then all those refugees 'adventurers' can be sent back to rebuild their home countries.

Of course will EU and other institutions help with the rebuild.

Please send them all back again as soon as it's safe there. This circus costs us claws with tax money.

where for we must hard to work. We can use this money be better for other purposes.

Author — lexpee


Body armor, FAMAS's, HK's, M4's, niiiice

Author — Leansifer


Let me guess, the BBC are going to claim no civilians were killed. Why? Because the Americans are backing this attack. If the Russians were backing the Mosul attack the BBC would be saying civilian bodies are lining the streets, hospitals are being bombed, kiddies are being terrorised. The once great BBC has lost all credibility.

Author — Jo Black


What I hate the most about news networks, that they always spread negative news. Why do they keep insisting on that the aftermath of the battle of Mosul, Iraq will be divided. They keep saying it over and over again. They need to keep reminding the people that these shia soldiers are there to protect their counterpart sunni families, not to divide the country. Who's spreading propaganda now?

Author — Baghdadi99


Why have you Iraqi army allowed western media to report in your tough fight with ISIS? you wont know untill all the propaganda overwhelms your efforts! plz remove these imperialist reporters from your war efforts if you want all to end with victory.

Author — machax002


America the babysitter will accompany the kids this time so 5, 000 ISIS don't kill 100, 000 Iraqi forces

Author — Sleestak Ray


has anyone really actually died in a war?

Author — Blip Stylo