Italy's death toll falls for the second consecutive day | Coronavirus Update

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Official Coronavirus figures from Italy offer a glimmer of hope that lockdown measures introduced two weeks ago have slowed the spread of the virus. The registered Covid-19 death toll has dropped for a second consecutive day, as has the number of new confirmed infections. The crisis has pushed northern Italy's health system to breaking point - with critical care units filled to capacity. Unions in the worst-affected region, Lombardy, are demanding even tougher shutdown measures to protect the health of workers. Many factories are still operating in the region - though the government says they are essential for the economy.
Meanwhil in Spain things do lot look very bright: The government is expected to extend the state of emergency by two weeks. The number of new coronavirus cases jumped by some 6,600 overnight, with more than 500 reported to have died. Pictures taken at a hospital in Madrid show patients lying unattended in a corridor. The Spanish capital has been particularly affected, with nearly 10,000 cases. An ice rink inside a shopping mall in Madrid has been turned into a makeshift morgue. And soldiers helping to fight the virus have made shocking discoveries at nursing homes, where elderly residents have been found abandoned, some dead in their beds. Prosecutors have launched an investigation.
Some more of the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic:
- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a nationwide lockdown. Beginning at midnight, some 1.3 billion people will be barred from leaving their homes for 21 days.
- Here in Germany, 95 percent of people say they support the government's ban on gatherings of more than two people - according to a new poll.
- Some 6 Million protective masks that were destined for Germany have gone missing at an airport in Kenya. A German firm had produced the masks and it's unclear why they were in Kenya to begin with.
- The World Health Organization is warning about a big acceleration in case numbers in the United States. It says the US could become the new epicenter of the global pandemic.

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+++ Update: The Decline in fatalities reversed as Italy recorded 743 new coronavirus deaths yesterday +++

Author — DW News


When we are done with Corona the world should name a day to honor the all the Doctors and nurses that been fighting in the front line against the Virus .

Author — hello hello


I Think ITALY Is Being More Honest Their Death Number Then Some Other Countries, My Heart Hurts For All Victims 🙏 Please Pray For World

Author — Until Today


My daughter is a newly qualified Doctor and I honour what she is doing every day.

Author — Chris Smith


Didn’t end up falling today sadly, and The Worst is still ahead of us. Pray for italy and every other country hit by this horrible virus!

Author — notup2much jefferson?


I remember how they were warned in the early days. The population was smiling and laughing and did not care about the horrors of this CV. I am in USA, have self-quarantined myself and my family since March 11th. Forget Social Distancing - No Social Life whatsoever and waiting for this horror show to come to an end. Is it great to be locked up and surviving on frozen and canned foods? No. But I bet it is way better gasping for breath wondering if this maybe the last or watching my loved ones die.

Author — Roopa Dudley


MY SON and DAUGHTER both are DOCTORS and m a proud father...they both help for our country peoples..!!

Author — ashok sharma


We pray for Italy
Every day
We pray in Jesus name amen🇮🇪✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇰🇭

Author — Anthony Joshua


Italy you are not alone, we support you, love from Australia medical team❤️❤️

Author — Man Chui


Stay strong Italy, I pray for your country everyday.

Author — Helen Chan


Oh my gosh, prayers for those poor people in the Spanish nursing homes and the workers. God bring them some help. Amen Great job, Italy. Prayers for you, also.

Author — Laurie Sorenson


The world has been wasting money elsewhere instead of training more health workers

Author — johnso bobo


7:20 this man is reading off a teleprompter

Author — alwaysyouramanda


Pray for Italy 🇮🇹 pray for the entire world 🌎

Author — Pamela Mugo


My heart crys for them. May Allah bless the Departed souls. Can anybody answer why the virus is killing more people in Europe instead of Asia?

Author — Mahmudul Hasan


These medical personnel and cleaning staff are heroes and deserve at least a month off after this whole thing is over.

Author — Ash


Doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and scientists.... Words aren't enough to appreciate your hard work. It's a debt that can never be fulfilled by the world... Thank you for being brave...

Author — real truth


Life is going to be different after this virus...

Author — LucAbroad


Joined heart hunters on Facebook- we added hearts for Italy’s - medical staff - emergency responders and affected family members! Prayers for Italy from America. 🙏🏻 your suffering is not going unnoticed!

Author — Rebekah Hakeber


It is absolutely heartbreaking too see these high figures of casualties. These doctors and nurses are the true heroes.

Author — Robbie Hall