Coronavirus: Almost 800 more dead in Italy - BBC News

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Deaths continue to spiral in Italy. Official figures show 793 have died of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours - another daily record.

In total 4,825 people have now died across the country.

More than 53,500 have been diagnosed with the virus nationally, up more than 6,500 since yesterday.

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And there are some idiots that think this isn’t serious.

Author — _ xxxandre


I'm italian, I stay in quarantine, if we respect the rules, we will destroy the virus : TOGETHER WE CAN ❤️

Author — drugo bianconero91


If you want max level protection, buy mask from 2protect.store, and buy some gloves ( any gloves are ok ). Wash hands, clean things in your house/flat, and everything will be fine. Just masks and gloves !

Author — Joanne Clark


Italian woman here: it's a very hard situation, for the love of yourself, for your loved one's, for the love of your nation PLEASE, STAY AT HOME!

Author — Ratta Bagatta


i cant believe i experienced a Pandemic in my Lifetime.

Author — Trigger Random


My heart bleeds for the Italian people living through this nightmare.

Author — Finn Jacobsen


Can’t believe people still aren’t taking this seriously. Stay in your homes.

Author — Courtney Turnbull


I’m so sorry Italians that the Coronavirus outbreak has ravaged your country..
God Bless ITALY 🇮🇹  From Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

Author — Raghad AlSh.


I see some people on Instagram having quarantine parties. Sure it’s like 10 people or less, but that’s not quarantine. Quarantine means do not leave your freaking house. Idiots.

Author — Bean


This Virus is going to kill all of our Grandparents and yet young Fools are still partying in Miami!

Author — Mustafa Luebeck


Rest in Peace to all that passed away during this pandemic

Author — Zero Two


Italy: Protect your doctors!

Boris Johnson: Wash your hands to the happy birthday tune

Author — Communist FBI


My heart breaks for Italy and everyone who's affected by the virus.

Author — Mayssam Qais


Pray for this beautiful country.
World will win surely,



If the 1st world countries are experiencing this imagine the situations on 3rd world countries. In the end its all about survival of the fittest

Author — Kakashi Hatake


This is so heartbreaking.. Dear Italians, dear friends, stay strong in this bad period. Greetings from a French-British 🇮🇹❤️

Author — Alan Parker


This fight is not only for doctors and nurses, everyone should be very seriously on it. If 10% people don't care it, we lost this fight
1. Stay at home if possible,
2.wash hands every 2 hours,
3. wear a mask in public if you have mask
4. keep distance with people,
5. disinfect everything when back to home

Advice from China, blessing for all of you

Author — Zhigang Deng


The solution, Lockdown.... I feel unsafe with the federal government guidelines 🙄

Author — Pao Stone


I'm Italian, I live in Lodi where the virus has started to spread.
The situation here is dramatic.
There are no more places in hospitals, hundreds of people are dying every day and there is no possibility of having funerals either.
I appeal to all people who live in other states.
Even if your government has not yet imposed major restrictive measures, stay at home.
Stay home, save the world🇮🇹

Author — Luca Bruognolo


"No body has lived like this before." Tell that to the lepers.

Author — Cailin Tamplin