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A new archive of documents and interviews has revealed the BBC's role in secret activities during World War Two.

Plans were also made to replace Big Ben's chimes with a recorded version in the event of an air attack, and BBC programmers would also play music to contact Polish freedom fighters.

The material has been released as part of a five-year project enabling access to hundreds of archived BBC interviews.

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Video was too short. Really wanted to know more

Author — hennessy 34989


Love BBC! Rich integral history behind this juggernaut not just a mere news channel

Author — Bug Eye


Inform the enemy of our position more than likely knowing the BBC...

Author — Lord Debrick


Can we have more of ww2stuff like this

Author — Homerton B


Nice Very Nice Glad to see This Beautiful Video ⚘⚘🌷🌷🌹

Author — M M Yunus Lohia


Interesting how sound itself was so important.

Author — dixgun


Interesting stuff, shame people have to politise the current situations and the BBC's role in it, rather than looking at the fansinating events and ideas of the past.

Author — effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT


The Nazis still use radio to send signals.... Clyde Lewis is the biggest show that communicates this way for Nazis

Author — Krissy's Spice 4 life & M.O.L Skin Deco


bbc you made video on this because today is special for john snare?

Author — Aurobindo Ghosh


Was it the BBC’s role to protect pedophiles? They have succeeded

Author — Ken Siefert


Read some of the comments.let the truth be told, you all love the BBC secretly.Otherwise you wouldn't be hear.Please sort out the underlying issue and leave the BBC alone.

Author — 21st century


Show how the prince of Great Britain proudly wore a fascist uniform before the Second World War and how the current prince wore a fascist uniform. This is what blood means.

Author — Hapalon G


Don't be fooled, The BBC would never reveal what truly goes on behind the scenes. - Jimmy Savile

Author — Sir Jimmy Savile


BBC used to be good at that time. What’s happened since? It’s gone to pot

Author — pablo9364


Descubra gratis el árbol genealógico de x Carlos Javier Morales Quintana para saber todo sobre sus orígenes y su historia familiar.

Author — Edelmira Rodríguez Martín


I think it’s time we got rid of the bbc / tv licence fee

Author — Townman N


They have since changed their name to the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation, and their new role is to help MP's thwart Brexit and silence millions of people.

Author — uberdude25


Yet another 'war reference'.
I think we are being told a major war is just around the corner.
Get ready.

Author — Sayfullo Shit


Creepy and fascinating seeing the old footage

Author — Spencer Reed


It's a shame what the BBC has become. It is now not impartial politically, obsessed by identity politics and produces panel comedy shows that contain no one except people who think patriotism equates to being Nazis. They also refer to anyone who is right of centre as far right and detest Brexit. The BBC needs to change.

Author — Jason Devon