Dad in viral BBC interview speaks out

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Professor Robert Kelly was talking live to the BBC Friday from his South Korean home when his two children walked in on him. Kelly's wife burst through the door to try to salvage the situation. The video went viral, and now the family is speaking out about the incident. Charlie D'Agata reports.

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He didn’t stand up and move them out because he was in boxers, no doubt

Author — Cade Smith


Each family member had interesting entrance

Author — Z!g zAg


The mom sliding in panicked is the best thing ever❤️❤️😂

Author — Here Kitty Kitty


The girl just busted in like: "Hey yo fam! Whats good?!"

Author — Antonio Mendoza


I literally started choking when she dragged the kids out and they both got stuck in the door way.

Author — Blue Sturkey


Just realised that white table is actually a bed made to look like a table

Author — HRHooChicken


That poor mom, she didn't even have her pants all the way up, she was just trying to pee and those kids just broke free, lol.

Author — Jenn Righter


That was a true HUMAN moment and the world loved it. How refreshing!

Author — Eugene Murphy


Girl was like: am gonna start this man's whole career

Author — Na7lasterone


"She was in a hippity hoppity mood" 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Dominiquca S


That video was the most korean thing I've ever seen 😂 the way she slides in and drags the kids out, and how they get stuck in the door, omg

Author — 베이비진


The mom was probably freaking out because she thought that the mistake was going to make them lose her husband's job and then they'd have no money.

Author — actressbrookesingleton


I just love how he set up the bed to look like a desk with books and some kind of device with a cord on it and the little girl just comes and sits on it and the books fall 😂 she sabotaged the illusion

Author — JustJaryn


You can tell she was on the toilet, her pants were falling off

Author — Duh Sunnyday


The kids are going to hear about this everyday aren't they ?

Author — suruchi sharma


The way the mother entered in the room got me

Author — Filipe


I just started screaming when the nine month old rolled into the room 😭

Author — tropicalprincess16


How bout everyone first thought the “wife” was the nanny😂

Author — frostplays yt


I can hear that the little girl yelled “why?!! (in Korean) “ to her mother when she was dragged 😂😂😂

Author — Songyi Park


People automatically assumed she was the nanny just because he's white and she's asian. That's pretty messed up.

Author — JDanny