Italian Athletics Indoor 2019 | W Pole Vault | ᴴᴰ

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Athletes performing in this video:
🥇 MALAVISI Sonia - 4.50m
🥈 BRUNI Roberta - 4.40m
🥉 MOLINAROLO Elisa - 4.20m
- 4.20m
Other jumpers: GHERCA Maria Roberta, ZAFRANI Francesca, PIROVANO Laura, LANCIOTTI Nikita, LAZZARI Alessandra.

Video recorded from Italian Athletics Indoor 2019, original audio from the competition.

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Its so hard to type with one hand

Because the other one is on the Bible can I get an amen

Author — Kelly Gordon


Ah i see the youtube algorithm has brought us all here, great men of culture, together

Author — Vishan Sonagadu


This is the 5th women’s athletics video in a row. I’m a big fan of long jump, triple jump, and pole volt, you know.

Author — Backwards Brain


I'm leaving my wife, moving to Europe and becoming a track and field coach. Wish me luck fellas.

Author — I Finn


Gentleman, we all know why we gathered here today.

Author — Mahmut Sala


Lets be honest, everyone knows why we are here.

Author — Muradx


Men's pole vaulting 11 views.
Girls pole vaulting 27M views.

Author — Max Kronader


9:09 by far the best competitor her speed is a huge asset.

Author — mrslipknotfan1000


I should probably stop clicking on these, I’ve been getting recommended these kind of videos way too often but I can’t help it

Author — uh Asuna


no one:

30M people: Ah yes...the Italian athletics

Author — Sunny Boi


Lord, forgive me for what I'm about to do.

Author — Joaquin Reyes


This has to be the greatest sport in human history

Author — Simz


if you look closely i think there is a competition going on here

Author — jackie chan


Not sure how i got here, BUTT im not complaining...

Author — Homero Negaraku


0:57 somebody really gets to eat all that cake, and it aint me 😭

Author — Chris Choy


10 minutes and no ads?
Men councils approved.

Author — Lembu


All jokes aside that is pretty freaking impressive.

Author — Kody Eldridge


I didn’t know so many people were into Italian pole vaulting

Author — Addz


i have no idea how this has 30M+ views but i'm going to keep watching this daily to figure it out

Author — Mehnsaik Chan


Boys, we gotta thank the YouTube algorithm for bringing all of us long jump and pole vault enthusiasts together

Author — Jakson Dodds