Election Results With Prannoy Roy: Total BJP Sweep, India Chooses Modi 2.0, Show Leads

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Election analysis with Prannoy Roy | Prime Minister Narendra Modi's BJP has crossed the halfway mark on its own steam and leads showed a NDA sweep in the national elections within two hours of counting of votes.

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Agar aap bhi ndtv per bas ravish Kumar ki halat dekhne aaye hai to

Hit like🤣

Author — lol people


Nt just congress .. ppl at NDTV also disappointed 😝

Author — Nischal Patel


I came here intentionally...wanted to see these traiters reporters aa gaya

Author — Smita Mude


All comments are for BJP 🤣😂🤣😂 and now Ravish will share SS of his video trending on no. 1 😂🤣😂🤣

Author — devesh kumar


एक लिब्रांडू : कोण जात हो ??
रबिश, देशद्रोही कुमार : मादरजात हू साहेब 😂😂😂

Author — The Daily Tech


Ravish hv u found d Modi wave ...NO
..ITS SUNAMI ...dub mar Usme

Author — aparna gude


We are searching for NDTV Live with Ravish Kumar

Author — Gowtham K


Hahahaha! Roy aaj taang lega khud ko! Chutiya bika hua left wing ka channel!

Author — Arnav Aggarwal


Itna sunnatta kyu hai
Rudaali bulaa loo sreen kaali karlo

Author — Ashutosh Aggarwal


Is anchor ko bolo ki Naha ke aya karen. 😷

Author — kshatriya108


Mr prnab roy Are you ready for Heart attack

Author — Nakul Sharma


India has always been a Hindu rashtra and will always be. Cong and paeudo seculars have always divided hindus on basis of caste.

Author — reach2bhush


Alot of independent candidate will join NDA. Jagan Mohan will join also.

Author — Ganesan M


I only came here to see the the Faces of these Mini-pakistani's in our India!

Author — Vishal


Smriti played Character of Arya in Indian Version of GOT

Author — Sushil Sehgal


The anchor's voice, wow says it all😂😂

Author — Chetan Bangera


238!!! Woahh this devdas can't get over it. I just came to see this mf face

Author — Saurabh Dombe


By seeing results and prediction by ravish I can say

Tu Maaaaraaa apni chutiyeeee

Author — All is well


It's seems like they are sitting in Itna matam kyu hai bhai 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Gurjeet singh


😆😂🤣 only zee news is crying over the result. I guess it's funded by robert vadra's black money that he had to give up during demonetization.

I mean come on bringing up the point that BJP and 2019 elections are won on the basis of religious division solely and spreading this kind of thinking amongst people of any religion itself is misuse of religious diversity of india. And NDTV is doing that and congress is doing that. When BJP lost against in rajyasabha in rajasthan and MP, it didn't accuse congress for using the same tricks and that EVM hacking bullshit. 🤣😂😆

Author — bomaboy419