Roger Stone pleads not guilty to 7 criminal charges

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Roger Stone, a longtime Republican campaign adviser and confidant of President Donald Trump, pleaded not guilty to seven criminal charges of false statements, witness tampering and obstruction of justice. CNN's Jessica Schneider reports. #CNN #News

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Nothing says ‘innocent’ like mimicking Nixon.

Author — Trumpanzee Hunter


Remember how arrogant Michael Cohen was when his office was raided?

He was on Fox News telling Tucker Carson and Sean Hannity how this was a witch-hunt and proclaiming his innocence, only to turn government's witness, then turn into a victim claiming Trump is going after his family.

Roger Stone better take it easy, because he is in search of attention, something a lot of lonely guys in prison are willing to give him daily!

Author — A Critical Thinker


Hello person scrolling through the comments I hope you have a great Year 😁

Author — XSAZEXX


Roger Stone and Donald Trump have been lying for a living for years .

Author — Action Hiro


Stone is just another of the sewer rats with a shrimp-sized brain. He'll agree a deal - ANY deal - with Mueller within 2 weeks.

Author — El Loco


Manafort, Stone, and Trump are some of the most sleaziest, slimiest political figures ever...The Three Stooges, karma is starting to catch up...

Author — James H


Not relevant, but Stone looks and acts like a pervert.

Author — David V


And no one with a lick of sense believes him

Author — TheBigStink


I guess Bubba will have no choice but to stare at that Nixon tattoo!

Author — Wilson Dassumpcao


This schmuck looks like a Batman villain! Jesus!

Author — czg123


this guy Rodger Stone reminds me of the uncle that your parents and everyone else tells you to stay away from just creepy looking😱

Author — Darrell Smith


I don't know why but Roger Stone creeps me up with the glasses?!..John Lennon? Or an evil Bob Barker

Author — Anthony Canadian Watson


It's only going to get worse for him pleading not guilty.

Author — Alonzo Mcdowell


He is the lizard that info wars whas talking about!

Author — Ian Lyman


Roger Stone is a lying, Cheating Treasonous Trump Comrade .

Author — Spooky Carrie


7 chargers and the guy still plead "Not Guilty"? Lmao! What kinda reality am I living? haha 🤣🤣🤣

Author — CCGArcana


We love you Roger! 🇺🇸
You’re an innocent man!

Author — Kenneth


Roger "squeeze water from a"Stone 😂🤣

Author — PSW1980 X


This man is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame very well lol

Author — Random Reviews


What a great accurate and informative video from cnn . thanks for keeping it real . cheers

Author — Aconcernedperson