Graham Norton unleashes #XmasLife | BBC One Christmas Film 2019

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2019 has been a tough year, but, with Christmas in sight, it's time to live your best #XmasLife with BBC One! So grab a mince pie and let Graham Norton and Rochelle Humes unleash #XmasLife in our brand new Christmas advert.

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This is awesome! People want to celebrate the holidays in a more compassionate way and this add reflects that. I love it! 🌱

Author — chelsea scott-harvey


Fantastic, great bit about the nutroast and turkey. <3 Thanks BBC.

Author — Opal Wilde


Great to see a cruelty free lifestyle being promoted. Rearing of poultry such as chickens and turkeys is particularly inhumane. Animal farming snowflakes are only thinking of their self interest in their whinging.

Author — Environmental Education Ltd


Feel Good inc. is literally the opposite of a light-hearted Christmas song lmao

Author — Thunder the fox


Love to see the turkeys wearing I love vegans T shirt! Of course they do 😁 All animals do. Wonderful to see a small redressing of balance towards plant-based living and away from the usual animal slaughter frenzy that is considered normal. Thank you for showing a new vision, one for 2020, where we will all see clearly 😁😎💖

Author — Rainbowclairity


Fantastic ad. Relevant. Loved the turkey scene - makes for a compassionate change.

Author — Druma


Anyone know the choir doing this version of ‘Feel Good Inc.’? It’s brilliant.

Author — Daniel Finch


beautiful upbeat advert, I love the turkey bit! hopefully one day no animals will be eaten anymore <3

Author — Domi


Looks like the turkey farmers aren't voting for Christmas :-) It's interesting that farmers don't complain or campaign about other groups, religions or philosophies dietary views but are very aggressive towards vegans. The livestock industry has advertised and promoted eating meat for many decades but farmers have apoplexy when vegans propose (or even comedy sketches imply) an alternative lifestyle to consuming carcasses, with all the attendant health and environmental consequences. The meat industry doth protest too much, methinks.

Author — John Boon


I can be a kid again.. I felt that on a spiritual level

Author — Arya Naveen


Love how all farmers are moaning about including vegan but it still has a scene with pizza. It’s just being inclusive of all

Author — Adina Browne


Since when is feel good inc a Christmas song?

Author — Chazzer g85


"I get to be a kid again". So true.

Author — Chou King


There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will.



Don’t talk about peace and love with a dead animal on your plate. Go vegan 🙏✌️❤️

Author — S PR


0:19 - Anime! That small scene reminds me of Sailor Moon actually. 😊 Pretty cool. 😊

Author — AwesomeHyperSonic547


I want a full song of Christmas feel good inc. It makes me feel good

Author — Prismatic Cat


Feel good inc. choir version just hits the feels

Author — Friendly Neighborhood Shitposter


The real important thing is feel good inc, shazam didn't work

Author — Sack


When did Julian Assange become a "look"?

Author — Jason Firewalker