Lithuanian athletics indoor championships 2019 | Moments | ᴴᴰ

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Highlights from Lithuanian Indoor Athletics Championship 2019.

Athletes performing in this video:
Long jump:
🥇 Augustė Regalaitė - 6.00m
🥈 Sofija Korf - 5.79m
🥉 Urtė Bačianskaitė
- 5.69m

Triple jump:
🥇 Diana Zagainova
- 13.97m
🥈 Dovilė Dzindzaletaitė
- 13.96m
🥉 Kristina Jašauskaitė
- 12.53m

High jump:
🥇 Airinė Palšytė
- 1.85m
🥈 Urtė Baikštytė

- 1.75m
🥉 Vėjūnė Maceikaitė
- 1.70m

Video recorded from Lithuanian Indoor Athletics Championship 2019, original audio from the competition.

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It all started with italian athletics indoor 2019. Now I'm addicted to it.

Author — Marcelo


This rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper lol. I'm not complaining :P

Author — Soke


These girls are so much prettier and have better bodies than 'super models'.

Author — H2oRiz


I'm liking Youtube's new algorithm. Its all athletic butt cheeks and crypto

Author — Kevin Jackson


Probably the only channel in youtube where there is no Hate in the comment section. All admiring the Beauty😍

Author — Vijay C


The men's track and field doesn't get nearly the views. Can't figure that one out...

Author — 00UncommonSense00


YouTube put spoops as a recommendation in my timeline 3 days ago. I've been watching athletic butt cheeks ever since🤷‍♂️

Author — ٭ 5լ5ф٭ hfts


6:37 the camera guy zoomed in for a better look, LOL!

Author — Stranger


As a male, I appreciate this. No apologies.

Author — xc5647321 xc5647321


Who needs the race ?, I enjoy the pre race activity's

Author — SLY SPY


A very important video, remember guys. This is how women are structured. Keep that in mind when you see Hollywood.

Author — Markinpuff


Watching these beautiful athletes competing is more fun than fashion show with those fiery magmas ... !

Author — alberto oliveira Oliveira


The guys fixing the dirt, are the most lucky dude in sports

Author — T3MPL3TillIdie


Como disse o Santo:
"não é tão difícil escrever com uma só mão...
...enquanto a outra está sobre a bíblia pra dizermos amém!"

Author — william raphael santos


2:55 i really need her name for project purpose only

Author — Ken C


i find it hilarious watching some of these women run... theyre trying so hard and moving so slow. but somehow theyre athletes and im just a slob

Author — Michael Sanchez


wow, Sandra Bullock, it`s competing? @ 3:29

Author — JCKPatriot


i have an indoor track and field event at my house...top 3 winners get to train me😉

Author — Jon Barrett


Who won? I wasn't paying attention to race.
Edit: p.s. where is Lithuania

Author — imstupid4life


This is what i imagine spartan women to look like :D

Author — brownstuff42