Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

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📚 Here are some books that helped me on my own personal finance journey. I wouldn't have been able to get out of debt or make this video without them...
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If you're looking to get started on your path to financial freedom I'd recommend reading the books below. I wouldn't have been able to get out of debt or make this video without them. Let me know any other great resources that have helped you...

Author — Matt D'Avella


Money cant buy happiness but poverty cant buy anything.

Author — Pedro Fernandes


Money doesn't buy happiness, it buys the freedom to find it.

Author — Horuhe Rodorigesu


i be learning more on the internet, than in school

Author — impossibletenders


I don't get how Americans see normal having a 100.000$ debt just for studying. Is crazy

Author — Miguel Olivera


*Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. ○*

Author — From Beginner To Chess Master


Yo, I only have two dollars but this video made me feel like I'm going to be a millionaire.

Author — alex


“Can I borrow some money?”
“New number who dis”

I’m deaaaadddd 💀😂

Author — Nanna Tran


Money is like oxygen. When you have it, life is fine. But the second that you go underwater and need oxygen it is the only thing that matters.

Author — Medloww


Step 1. Take out your life savings in cash
Step 2. Bet everything on green

Author — SpeedWeed


Steps to financial freedom:
(1) Don't get married
(2) Wear a condom

Author — Patrick Sage


Steps to financial freedom:
1. Minimize your rent cost. Live with family or roommates.
2. Don't overpay when you eat out. Do you really need that $2-3 cup of soda with your meal?
3. Invest it instead of buying things that lose value over time
4. Don't get into a relationship with someone who can't be as frugal as you

Author — BRBallin1


Simple Steps to Financial Freedom:
Step 1: Have money
Step 2: Begone THOTS
Step 3: Multiply money

Author — Col. Angus


After growing up in a split lower to middle class family and living in trailers most of my childhood, I finally hit my goal of $500, 000 net worth.

Money definitely isn’t everything but it is one of the many important tools that will lead to a more satisfying stress-free life which is why I believe it’s super important to have a strong personal finance plan like Matt points out.

If you’re struggling just know by watching videos like this you’re on your way to start getting your finances in order. Continuous education is one of my top 6 personal finance rules that I live by.

Author — Andy Slye


It's believed that the best way to achieve financial freedom and stability is by investing.

Author — Darlene Borges


what's ridiculous is you can have no debt, great credit, and overall be good with money, yet still have no money because your job doesn't pay you enough and you can't just go get another job because you need certain job experience to get that high paying job.

the best tip to financial freedom is to make friends with everybody you can. because getting a good job isn't about what you know, it's about who you know.

Author — Devin


Rich kid: “money can’t buy happiness”
Me: “well if you don’t want it I’m wide open”

Author — Angela W


If you have to think twice about the affordability of an item, you can't afford it. It's not your time yet.

Author — Daddy


Body of the email: Inside my head when I'm talking to my crush

Author — Puneeth Prahalad


1. Create an emergency fund
2. Pay off your debt
3. Create a runway
4. Start a retirement fund

Author — Yancy Capri