‘My mum's meeting my dad for the first time’ - BBC News

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Julia always knew her mums used a sperm donor. She didn’t know that meant she had 19 siblings – until now.

Follow her remarkable journey to discover her "very extended family".

Produced by the BBC's Hannah Long-Higgins and Ben Davis.

Filming and editing Hannah Long-Higgins; additional editing Nick Watson and Vara Szajkowski; audio Ben Davis; graphics Simon Martin.

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What an incredibly cute and nice young woman she is. Wish her all the best in life!

Author — DP ie


The beautiful moment for me is when she met her siblings. I could feel her happiness as well theirs.

Author — Isaiah Alexander Anderson


Such a beautiful video! Julia is a testament to how wonderful her mothers must be

Author — milipearse


Julia seems so humble and thoughtful and it is amazing to see this familytree captured in such a raw way!

Author — Jul


It’s us <3 to all the commenters below, I love my weird family. This meeting was life changing. Science gave life to all of us, and that is a beautiful thing.

Author — Samantha Onasch


We all have a journey, most of it we have no say in. I was adopted and only had the chance to meet my dad once before he passed away. I definitely relate to the girl who has 2 donor parents. I love my adopted family and my birth family. I even Got to have a sister night last night with some of my half sisters! Finding where you biologically come from is a tough road, so happy to see she has the bond with the siblings! Thanks Julia for the honor of witnessing you and your journey 💜

Author — Sleepless InSeattle


Interesting video which made me have mixed feelings. Happy that the young woman was able to meet her donor father and her half-siblings. But now people have to be even more careful about with whom they have children as they may actually be closely related.

Author — Whataboutyouman?


Lucky you! Your'e so cute girls. Wish you all the best. With love from the land of COUPS.

Author — Seutoon NaChiangkhong


That dad hug was .. I dunno.. just glad the brothers and sisters are there for each other. Amazing kids

Author — Will Mac


It is amazing to see. He has very striking facial features. And all his kids (that appear on the show) seem to have inherited the best of them. They are truly gorgeous. And, he has a bit of bad luck with his slanted shoulders and gait, but here his kids have outshone him and they have beautiful shoulders to match the distinct facial features. Fascinating genetics.
There are several social issues in terms of how to handle (or not to handle) these new family bonds. But I do hope that these grown kids will write books on their experiences with that - maybe in collaboration with psychologists - to help others learn. I don't think this is a bad thing. But the true judges of that will be these young people. I can't wait to learn how they perceive this. Thank you all for creating this episode to provide some insight.

Author — D A X


i swear this could have been a nice movie omg

Author — GPU Library


Wow, what an amazing story until we got to 20 minutes, when I decided quite quickly I didn't like him. It changed my emotions around completely. Wonderful kids and interesting lives.

Author — DarrenVelSatis


that girl is staring at his biological dad, it is interesting first time met the man born you, and they should have so many common characters

Author — wang michael


Lol last time I meet my biological father was 3 when my mum divorced

Author — bababoey 001


To sum up in a barrel baby daddy all over the place.

Author — Hadouken Hadouken


Well if they don’t keep track who is who then
Half Brothers and half sisters may get married to each other by an accident

Author — Sleepy Cobra


This is such a heartwarming video. Julia and her entire family seem to be beautiful human beings. I wish them every happiness.

Author — Sorc Erer


The funnest bit was "dibling" @8:28...

Author — Alex Jackson-Smith


waaawo is good to have search a lot of family the same kid of age group

Author — Elizabeth Sey


Friends will another billion help her read a telpromt soft skin?

Author — Teresa Baker