Hunting Stereotypes

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Hunting Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.

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Edit: I did not expect any likes but thanks

Author — The Outsiders and more


Who is going back watching all of dude Perfects stereotypes. Edit: wow thx for the likes

Author — DillPickle_ 227


Most of their budget goes to the rage monster

Author — Cool Corner


youtubers now: *planting 20m trees*

youtubers then: *literally bulldozing down trees*

Author — Navakil


I don’t think he’s joining mr beasts 20mil trees

Author — Sam Drew


Me Beast: I will plant 20, 000, 000 trees for celebrating

Tyler: well now it’s 19, 999, 999

Author — Rsc 007


Rage monster killed tree:(

1 like = 1 prayer for tree

Author — Mateo Torres


Who wants Gaming Stereotypes 🎮🎮🎮

Like = Agree



School stereotypes

Mr lazy
Mr excuses
The late guy
The rage monster
The complainer
The mathematic
The all A person
The bossy guy
The old guy
The HOW guy

Author — Bloons Mess Around


Dude perfect can you please do water park stereotypes

Like so Dude perfect can see

Author — Rebecca Lovelace


4:36 TEAM TREES Wants To Know Your Location

Author — TheNickestNick 123


Who wants school stereotypes

Like = agree

Author — Hanssel Sanchez


Ty: hey! Your that guy who spilled smoothie all over my car!

Cody: Holy cow! Your that guy with rage issues!!

Cracks me up every time! 😂lol

Author — Alex Loayza


Laser tag/ airsoft stereotypes
1. Sir miss-a-lot
2. The cross-map sniper
3. Mr. Always Tagged
4. The rapid-fire
5. The rage monster
6. The rule-breaking sprinter
7. The military veteran who aces every shot
8. Trigger Happy
9. Mr. Friendly Fire
10. The General

Author — sxvxnteen or whateva


1:33 proof that Micheal Jackson is still alive

Author — CheezStix


"Donkey butter??!!" "Is it even Donkey season"??

Author — Josiah Haney


other YouTubers: let's plant 20 million trees
meanwhile the rage monster:

Author — Yvess Agad


Soccer Stereotypes

The Foul Guy
Mr Excuses
The Rage Monster
The Noob
The Angry Coach
The Tired One
The Hard Kicker
The Never Uses His Hands Goalie
The Show Off
The Jealous Player
The Guy Who Brings His Dog

Author — Rock Edwards


Random guy: You can’t hunt with bacon in your mouth!

Ty: 5:01

Author — aRandomVlogger


2:04 this dude looks like he's about to go in a round of pubg

Author — ARP Plays