The Angle: Democrats move left and eat their own

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Tom Brokaw under fire for Hispanic assimilation remark; Oscars going without a host after Kevin Hart controversy. #IngrahamAngle #FoxNews

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*Go to China and try to get ahead by refusing to speak Chinese*

Author — Shadow Man


Yo im Latino and think everyone should learn english if they wanna live in the US. Why are some democrats crying about that ?

Author — Size


Brokaw didn't say hispanics shouldn't speak Spanish; he is saying that they and, especially their children, should learn English. What the hell is wrong with that?

Author — James Allen


No one is going to watch the Oscars anyway.

Author — Tamela Archer


OMG! Democrats are so idiotic. Tom Brokaw said that learning English is vital to their growth. Im done with Democrats

Author — richard8221


Even waiving an American flag IN AMERICA has become triggering and offensive.

Author — Ballsdeep Singh


this years Oscar's are hostless just like the tv audience is viewerless!! 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Arlie Hopes y


They don't want our language. They just want our lifestyle.

Author — Bob L


There something wrong with anyone coming to this country to expect us to accommodate them in schools and everything. English is the language of America.

Author — hatchdog02


Peru and alot of countries has english in their school work if they fail english they dont graduate...

Author — Julian Aultman


"Latinos absolutely assimilate" yeah. The ones that LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH!

Author — The Pirate Nation


The Oscars will also be watchless this year as well

Author — Alek Rajki


When you move to another country by choice, learn the fkn language of that country.
The outright snobbiness.

Author — Elmer Fudd


I am so sick of these holloywood elitists patting themselves on the back for being better that you or me and being proud of it. Boycott all of holloywood

Author — Ryan McAdams


Hope they keep eating their own, soon there will be no Democrats left haha!

Author — A Google User


In Poor Neighborhoods alot of Hispanics put grocery stores and businesses where you go in to buy food or items and cant read what you are buying. Its so irritating. It's like they dont want our( Americans) money. Our road signs are in English. Our money has English on it. I would never go to a country and not learn the language of the land. No one is wrong on asking Hispanics to assimilate to speaking English. Thats American. If you dont like it... Leave

Author — Angie Slays


What was so outrageous about what Brokaw said? He should have thrown middle easterners too. Their the worst.

Author — Steve Mascella


I believe in assimilation you choose to live in this country then you have to learn the language , I've been to several country to work but I have to assimilate and learn their own language otherwise you lost in translation.

Author — Ione Mondejar


You want to ensure they assimilate...STOP GIVING THEM A CHOICE OF ESPANOL for phone calls, ATM's and anywhere else in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

Author — Neil Bentley


The quickest way to get a Mexican to speak their best English?

I speak my best spanish.

Author — Brad Jennings