The coronavirus and other outbreaks are hard to contain. Here's why.

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As of early February 2020, tens of thousands of people worldwide were infected with a new strain of coronavirus. Officials are taking "unprecedented" actions to contain the unpredictable spread of the infectious disease.

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This is worse than the flu. Anyone who says otherwise is either mentally challenged or lying.

Author — Umbrella Corporation


China is severely under reporting the real numbers of death and infected. I have NO doubt about this.

Author — E O


Here’s why: They let the virus spread for weeks before they did anything about it. The end.

Author — Sha Nanigans


The fact that the risk is low is irrelevant to the people who are infected.

Author — William Andrews


China was locking up doctors who reported the Coronavirus . yet we were to believe they reported to the world health organization. Liar liar. Now China is lying about their numbers. The world health organization is a joke.

Author — Carlos Contreras


Literally every person not paid by China is saying that they're downplaying how bad it is, even China's people.

Author — Mr Judas


China is lying so the people will not panic. Panic leads to looting and chaos and criminal activity. Trying to minimize doubt

Author — James


Here's why: It's an engineered bio weapon.

Author — restless one


Anyone notice how they quickly stopped comparing this to Swine/Bird Flu, or SARS? And how quickly the shifted to saying that it's like the Flu but less dangerous?

Author — rahn45


So how this virus is not deadlier than SARS if in one month killed more than 500 people and SARS 800 in one year?

Author — skywalroberto Ro


The Chinese government has been lying us..They had to have known about this virus earlier than reported

Author — Baby Shanks


Eventually the stores will end up being empty !!! Make your plan specially if you got kids or pregnant women

Author — Maria Dominey


Hard to contain yet it's obvious that they are not doing enough to contain, playing it down.
All flights from China should have been quarantined or cancelled from day 1.

Author — Captain Of A Starship


In recent months the Chinese people were standing up for freedom.
Then presto, Corona shows up.
Pretty simple.

Author — NBaimf


My mom recently donated a couple thousand masks to WuHan China through the hospital she works at. My parents are divorced, and my dad lives maybe 2 Chinese counties away from the center of the coronavirus. Damm do I pray every night!

Author — Austo Li


WHO : am I a joke to you?

The entire world : YES

Author — Fail Zero - Chinese Communist Virus


They'll contain it about the same time they contain the common cold.

Author — Captain Trips


wow, a fair coverage of the corona virus, but damn is this thing dated already

Author — ilovefunnyamv2nd


China didn't report the virus for at least a month.
And they are still underreporting the scale of the epidemic and the number of deaths.
So why are the west praising China, when they in fact caused the pandemic due to covering it up until it was impossible to disguise.

Author — Lars Christiansen


Back in 2003:
SARS came from wetmarkets.

nCov came from wetmarkets.

Good work on the quick response, China.

Author — MostBever