Understanding Shoulder Pain and How To Fix It

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Precision Wellbeing's Osteopath Ashley Ridout goes into depth as to why most people he sees have shoulder pain.

The most common cause is over-tightness of the shoulder muscles which leads on to the development of tendinitis or bursitis.

In many cases shoulder pain can be overcome through stretching the shoulders with a strength band and using massage balls to reduce the tightness.

In this video Ashley discusses the anatomy of the shoulder including the muscles of the rotator cuff and touches on some of the issues that can arise.

Ashley then goes on to show you the tests that he finds most useful in screening shoulder pain followed by the stretches and massage ball techniques he finds most useful.

This video will hopefully be useful for those who suffer from chronic shoulder pain, tendinitis, bursitis, rotator cuff injuries or just want to simply increase their overall shoulder health.

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Hi guys, I really hope this video helps you with your shoulder pain. I would love to hear if this video helps you so please let me know in the comments section.

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Author — Precision Wellbeing Group


After playing violin for over 40 years and at age 67 I must have osteoarthritis on my left shoulder. I wish I did these exercises at least 20 to 30 years ago. Now I just depend on arnica, CBD cream and well yes, ibuprofin...dang!

Author — jazlabaw


Been having pain in my shoulder when I reach behind me. Didn't realize how much range of motion I had lost until I did your test. Guess I need to get stretching!

Author — Bwanar1


HI. That is exactly where my pain is. How long should I do the exercises for and how many reps?

Author — Den Robin


Whenever I get the severe pain is usually if I've lifted something heavy such as bringing in groceries or some raking with yard work.. The following day I'm in so much pain that I sometimes have to go to the ER... on my own I would try to take my fingers and pressure point the area where the bursa pain is usually very hot... I take Bayer Aspirin and I put my fingers where the pain is and pressure point that and before long it's gone I also at times have taking my arm bring it to behind my back somehow that seems to relieve it as well now I know to use that pressure ball and also be careful with yard work and lifting heavy bags as I am not a young person anymore in my late 60s... I thank you God bless you

Author — Gabrielle Budd


Thanks for the details about the anatomy of the shoulder. It showed me exactly where I needed relief

Author — J Cole


I'm a retired doctor. The shoulder including the rotator cuff was of great interest to me. Your program and anatomy lesson was exemplary. The best I've ever heard from anyone doctors included. U have a real talent for making things understandible!

Author — Joseph Saber


Thanks you so much i was doing this movements as you was showing the exercises samples and after i did so i felt les pain already like an instant release of contrasted muscles, i mean the anatomy you showed too helped me understand my shoulders more, i mean i will do as you indicated and i hope i get better because i been feeling this pain for moths 😭. Thank you!! A lot may god bless you with more knowledge man, and an office full of clients.

Author — Josue Arias


Yeah, this guy seems to know all about the shoulder. It helped me. His manner and explanation were perfect.

Author — Grant Petersen


Fantastic, exactly where my pain is. I went for therapeutic treatment here in Mallorca at a hospital and it worked! But slowly going back to pain phase 2 months later. Thank you very much!

Author — Hans de Leeuw


Wow, I tried these exercises a few days apart and my shoulder feels much better. The simplest caused discomfort, now the pain seems gone

Author — Trv Trv


A helpful hint about positioning the ball-put it in a tube sock and for those with limited mobility will be able to easily get it to the correct spot and then move it around.

Author — winebox


Wow, so much relief! I've had shoulder pain for almost 8 months now and this stretch relieved my shoulder pain. I will definitely start using this technique. Thank you!

Author — Larry Rodriguez


Finally an explanation that makes sense. I have been asking specialists for years and never received a clear answer .

Author — Nifty Nev


Thank you. I will try this and see if it helps. I am an "older person" as you called it and do not want to have to have a operation.

Author — Mickee Mickee


one could attach that "hard ball" on a piece of dowel... it would be really easy to place the ball behind one's back...vs the reaching to place

Author — plutoplatters


Just to confirm, these exercises reduce the swelling in or of the bursa? My issue is the lifting the arm at the side. The one you did where you noted the problem occurs between 40 and 120 and I was doing it and that burning pain erupted. I have good flex and my scratch test just confirms that my right shoulder is injured but I reach fairly far with it still. Just stopped typing to do the arm lifts and the side lift didn't bother me. But this is now about 4 or 5 weeks since I aggravated the shoulder with a week of skipping and a day of playing racket ball. The pain isn't a constant thing now.

So after all that, my question is if those exercises resolve the swelling of that top muscle as well.

Thanks for the video. I liked the visuals of what is causing so much trouble.

Author — Mar Darlington


When i do a barbell push, i can only do it behind my head, i feel sometimes only a bit pain the first1-3 reps of the 1st set and then its gone and i can do 3 sets, BUT i CANT do the barbell push infront of my head, so on the chest/collarbone, my right shoulder basicly -at 1 point- comes to a point where its extremly painfull and i loose controle of it, ir kindof feels like a nerve is stuck or something

Author — XiaoYaoYou


My one shoulder blade was cut off / removed So I don’t know where those muscles would be hooking up any more.. 🥴
Surgury was due to a motorcycle accident..& both of my rotator cupsI think that is what they r called ...are crushed.. and the collar bones- shortened or cut off....I cannot lift either arm up very high.. .
I am in such misery... by the minute
Now...-Both shoulders require minimum two surgeries each..- to possibly get better..

Author — John Swartz


Me almost 2 years, im suffering with my left shoulder injury 😔 it seems like i'm carrying a heavy object and it hurts like hell 😓
It affects my breathing 😔😔😔
How can I escape from this pain

Author — Jill & Kat