Hannity: Ocasio-Cortez bashes capitalism

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Rep. Ocasio-Cortez says capitalism 'cannot be redeemed' during panel at SXSW. #Hannity #FoxNews

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The more she talks the more her ignorance is emphasized.

Author — Robert Nielsen


i don't see her donating her pay. she seems to like capitalism when taxpayer's monies pay off her personal debt.

Author — tom a


FYI: If AOC couldn't play the sexist and racism cards she would still be slinging beer at some bar in New York and many of her neighbors would have good jobs with Amazon.

Author — Bryan Brown


This little girl wasn’t even alive during the Reagan era....

Author — Mama Bear


Crazy eyes Cortez lives off Capitalism, where does she think her salary comes from, the tooth fairy?

Author — - Morales


The ignorance of that girl every time she speaks my head wants to explode

Author — Stuart Short


Send her to a REAL socialist country like North Korea
See how long she last’s

Author — AEGON VII


The democrat party is indeed the greatest enemy we have ever faced.

Author — Charles Smith


Capitalism has allowed me to move from the wash bay, to the finance and insurance office. And yes, I'm black. Trump 2020

Author — choir anthony


Why doen't she just wear camo, grow a beard & take up cigars?

Author — Bryan Drewry


She should be in a mental institution the crazy imbecile.

Author — Charles M


She needs to spend th next govt paycheck for a ticket to Venezuela!

Author — Judy Bass


If AOC prefers socialism, then she should move to Cuba.

Author — Douglas Rodrigues


No one takes CNN seriously anymore. I just watch it for laughs when I'm eating at a restaurant.

Author — Germain Gonzalez


We need Candence Owen in Congress today.

Author — HaztaLaVista BaBy


If Satan were to groom an enemy to America and place them in Congress. Well, look at AOC

Author — froggy57


Can we just not call them demes and call them communists

Author — star gaming


They clap for her like she’s sounds smart haha. U know they had someone in the audience say clap pls clap hahaha. Listen to it again ahah

Author — J Rayez


Cortez is just an actor a puppet. Remember how she was picked? A casting call for a small group. Everything is a farce

Author — Greg Garfunkel


These vermin of 'The Squad' must be spayed, they must not breed!!!

Author — James Preston Thomas