LIVE: Theresa May on BBC Radio 5 live and the BBC News Channel

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Due to technical error, Stream starts at 4:50

In an attempt to go over the heads of MPs, a majority of whom have threatened to reject the agreement when it is voted on next month, she will take calls on BBC Radio 5 live and the BBC News Channel later, in a special programme presented by Emma Barnett.
People can text questions to 85058 or use the hashtag #BBCAskThis ahead of the programme's live broadcast between 12:30 and 13:00 GMT.

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Due to technical error, Stream starts at 4:50

Author — BBC News


Due to a technical error Theresa May is Prime Minister.

Author — Miele Rodriguez


You receive massive funding and cannot even set up a working live stream. It is really pathetic. This was an important public broadcast.

Author — J D


she keeps avoiding answering questions...

Author — EvilArts


Due to a technical error, no one got the Brexit they wanted.

Author — pozdasheep


ERROR ALERT: Thersea May's robot is having a technical issue....Please wait

Author — BlaCK2.0


The good people of Britain are not to be confused with the BBC or the corrupt government.

Author — Jim Miklas


I absolutely love the gorgeous scarf that Theresa May is wearing around her shoulders.

Author — Hanimefendi Başörtülü


Yes, her colleagues receive a card made by a child, also some sweatshirts and trainers made by several children with a voucher for a clean chimney ( good for 12 months )

Author — PAGE


Looks like BBC purposefully created technical error to save Theresa May!

Author — Gab Save


It's like the bit in 'The Thick of It' where Nicola and Peter both say stupid, convoluted answers on the radio and nobody has any idea what the hell they are saying.

Author — MrHaloWho


You can tell the Radio DJ was pro neoliberal remain just by how she treated Treason May

Author — TheLewisLegend


Dreadful deal, SHE'S given the UK to Germany. It will be voted down.

Author — Progressive Demagogue


£4.954 billion (2016/17)[1]
 that's how much the BBC gains from tv licence what a sham, I'm starting a petition to have an option to opt out of the BBC tv licence. And I am sure many would agree with me.

Author — Jim Bond


16:43 '.. different parts of the country voted in different ways. So Wales voted to leave, Scotland & Northern Ireland voted to stay in & obviously different constituencies voted in different

You forgot about Gibraltar AGAIN ... Now how did they vote again .. Oh yeah that's it, something like 98% Remain.

Three of five COUNTRIES voted to Remain & you negotiated differential deals for TWO of those three & grabbed powers from the Scottish Parliament by ripping up the Sewel Convention, (Devolution Agreement).

All this to resolve Tory Party infighting using the EU as scapegoat for immigration because Westminster governments conveniently grew the UK economy by NOT using the powers it already had.

You & your Party are a DISGRACE TO DEMOCRACY!

Author — SkyEcho7


She has a hectic weekend in Brussels, Belgium!

Author — Anuradha Aravind


When r u going to come for me? Elizabeth speaking...

Author — Matías Sánchez


As a United States citizen, I find it amazing that members of the public can call in and ask questions of her. And I think that Prime Minister May has immense patience as well as an amazing dedication to her role as a public servant.

Author — janek49


"ARTICLE 37 Publicity.
The Member States and the United Kingdom shall disseminate information concerning the rights and obligations of persons covered by this Part, in particular by means of awareness-raising campaigns conducted, as appropriate, through national and local media and other means of communication."

May doing her duty to her EU masters, promoting the 'deal'. BBC are doing their job too.

Real Brexit please. The UK should not be required to promote EU propaganda.

Author — Steve S


This scene is the background that I try to imagine when I hear BBC everyday, but I just can't imagine what it really looks like.😹😹😹

Author — Muybien Taj