Free Fight: Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida | UFC 140, 2011

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Jon Jones continued his domination over the light heavyweight division at UFC 140 in Toronto with a dramatic finish of Lyoto Machida back in 2011.

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When I watched it as a kid I thought Jon Jones killed a man on live television

Author — BestGlaive in the world


This version of Jon Jones was basically a custom character with all stats maxed out.

Author — KungFuBlob


Imagine waking up to a buff ass dude telling you, “it’s okay baby, you’re alright” 10:37 😂

Author — Yunis Adam


"I choked out Machida cold in my 2nd title defense."
"Okay Mr. Jones, I asked have you been drinking tonight. I'm gonna need you to step out the car."

Author — Mr. Bee'Otch


10:45 joe rogan “this is the first time Jon has ever been in any trouble!!!!” a fight” lmao

Author — Kolour Blind


This stoppage has to be the most ruthless one in UFC history.. The way he beat him down, cut him, kneed him, choked him out and let him drop to the ground lifeless whilst walking away, all in the span of 1-2 min

Author — Matthias Grimm


Jon Jones wasn’t even in his prime here but to submit a black belt like Lyoto Machida in that fashion shows you just how good Jon Jones was even back then.

Author — Northern Beast


When light heavyweight wasn‘t a boring division

Author — Professor


Crazy how Lyoto kept timing Jon’s leg kicks and countering but the punch that dropped lyoto for the choke Jon faked the low kick and beat lyoto to the punch literally lol

Author — Carlo Olrac


Damn Jon really turned Lyoto into a wet noodle in the end. The way Lyoto fell down was terrifying

Author — Vishnu Gopal


Jones was such a beast at this stage of his career. Just a wrecking machine.

Author — Zachariah Gray


Imagine if this guy would have dedicated his life to staying healthy and training. This Jones was scary.

Author — John R J


He has a lot of pride for not tapping though

Author — Jomil Sison


This Jones would destroy modern Jones. Also John Mcarthy a big mf

Author — brandon thomas


Did Jones seriously knee a stumbling Lyoto in the chest to open up his neck for that guillotine choke to lock in, fighting IQ is mind blowing.

Author — Sean Cooke


Shout out to Big John McCarthy. Phenomenal referring for noticing he was out.

Author — Timma 209


“His calves are comically thin” cries in Daniel Cormier

Author — Deimos Project


Big John “You know where you at baby?” McCarthy

Author — ZinumX


"His legs are comically thin" hahhaha.

Author — Nathaneal Vail


That left of Jones that dropped Machida was so nasty. A lot of people say Jones hadn't dropped anybody with his boxing but he did it right there.

Author — Human Being