Arnold Schwarzenegger: Politics 'sucks'

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In an interview with CNN's David Axelrod, former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says it's "embarrassing" that "nothing is getting done" in Washington. #CNN #News

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Arnold looks great for his age. He looks very healthy!! Love him

Author — Hugecannonballs


1:52 he even says “well duh” with an accent. We love you Arnold.

Author — Miguel Mulder


"Politics sucks"? That's the best you can come up with for a headline? He didn't even say those words in this interview. He said that he wants to see people get off their asses, to do what they can, and to hold our representatives accountable for not representing our interests.

Author — Zezzreth Vhaorik


I'm as conservative as one can be. Except when it comes to our environment. I simply can not agree with my own political party on any part of this topic. We absolutely need to protect our environment in every single way no matter the financial ramifications. We get one shot at living on this earth, why not do our due diligence towards the beautiful land we live in.

Author — Jake M


STOP COMPLAINING! Stop WHINING. DO something about it. DO it NOW!

Author — Nocturnal Emission


So glad that Arnold kept his European sense. He says some intelligent things here! And.. We all know that Arnold has Huge hands.. not huge small hands.. Just huge!

Author — jimmy wayne


Man, I wish this guy could run for president.

Author — C B


Politics sucks because it's a popularity contest. We should have learned from high school that only shallow people win popularity contests.

Author — unnamed


6:17 ah the famous "Kindergarten Cop" reference

Author — New Adventure Cinema


Mah man Arnie looking good with the grey beard.

Author — ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Arnold gets even better over the years - thanks for this direct and intelligent interview,
Greetings from Styria!

Author — lupuszzz


Just realised Arnie looks like my Arthur Morgan here. 😂

Author — The There Man Show


In case anyone believes Arnold is a member of the Illuminati:


Author — BenjaminGessel


The Austrian Oak, may well end up being The World Tree

Author — Nicholas Bevan


Ah Arnold, humble as ever. Really respect that man.

Author — ArmouredSpacePony


I cant believe that i agree so much with terminator.
The thing about politics is that they are almost pure speech, it doesnt matter who believes it, because it doesnt change a thing. Is with actions that the difference is made.

Author — maria paz


@6:15 I was ready for him to say "STOP WHINING!"

Author — Tuneman7


CNN: Interviewer.. Let Me Talk Over You.. is the Mantra..

Author — Gus Johnson


Go go Arnold my hero!
That's it, different views from different perspectives.

Author — jacek26lndn


New one tag line from Arnold...’well Duh!’ 🤣😂..

Author — Hard Top