Tulsi Gabbard sounds off after ripping Kamala Harris at debate

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Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on calling out fellow candidate Sen. Kamala Harris over her hypocrisy on prison reform during the debate. #Tucker #FoxNews

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Im progressive and I have to come to Fox News to get fair coverage on Tulsi Gabbard?

Author — Corey Kumpf


Tulsi got that smile like "I may not win but I certainly sunk Kamala's battleship."

Author — Jim Biden


I'm a Republican but I like this woman. Her straight forward honesty is refreshing

Author — Ronald Ward


Conservatives like Tulsi because she has integrity and loves America. She spreads love, not hate.

Author — Will


Tulsi is the only dem that is legit. She is presidential. And has her own teeth.

Author — no narc


This good woman destroyed all hope of Harris running for President. Good for her in speaking the truth.

Author — The Indie Diary


Lmao... The only news channel to let her talk and not consistently attack her.. Is Fox News?
What world in this, where a true Democrat can only get fair coverage on a right-leaning channel.

After watching her MSNBC interview... Jeez that was just ridiculous. Nice to see this here.

Author — IrishBiteGirl


We Californians knew this about Kamala Harris.

Author — It's Me


She is real-life wonder woman. She even smirks like Gal Gadot.

Author — Nature cannot be fooled


Hats off to Tucker for giving Tulsi a fair voice.

Author — Oahu Guy


Tulsi gabbard has something special in her personality and speeches, attracts people.. 👍👍
She is straight forward, clear, focused nd super honest.

Author — Amit Tiwari


A democrat who isn't actively lying to us / trying to divide us?
Jeez no wonder the liberal mainstream is trying to bury her campaign
Tulsi 2020!

Author — Steve S


Only a state as messed up as California would elect a disgrace like Kamala Harris.

Author — YoDatCHT


I think tucker is kinda in love with her

Author — blue ho


Much respect for this amazing congresswoman she ripped Harris in that debate

Author — Ron Whitehorse


If the Dims had half a brain. They would be lining up behind this woman.

Author — lee gibson


Tulsi Gabbard I Love u and I'm Republican fix me Madam President

Author — Korey Allred


They even attack their own when one of them dares to speak common sense and logic. Sad.

Author — Michael Cooley


Tucker you were very gentlemanly with her. So much more respectable than those fools at CNN

Author — Sand Wrenn


Not a fan of her policies, but she has the integrity of a leader.

Author — Garry Owen