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Me life better Ra entha chesthey kuda remand enti Inka Chee bloody Indian society😡

Author — bhavithareddy kotha


Chi sampakunda inka m chisthunaro ammo

Author — Manasa Mannu


What type of c.m is he?
Such a calamity as that of priyanka reddy, s ghastly murder happened.even after 3 days c.m did not open his golden mouth.still clinging to bus drivers and cunderctor's issue.
Is safety of citizens not his priority.
Home ministers statement is childish.Actually he needs to resign for his lackluster management of law and order in the state.
Hyderabad citizen's lives are no more safe in these inefficient administration.

Author — VenugopalReddy yeduguri


ఒక్క న్యూస్ ఒకసారి చూపించొచ్చుగా రెండు మూడు సార్లు చూపిస్తున్నావు వెస్ట్ చానెల్ టీవీ 9

Author — Ashok Gunja


Priyanka case okka case ne.kadhu
Chela case LU elage jaruguthunnay teku Laxmi case same case

Author — Ravikant Hero