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Australia reaches macabre COVID milestone as 100th death is recorded at virus-ridden Newmarch House aged care home; Date set for return of regional travel in NSW; Confusion over new school rules; Virus breakthrough in US studies; China trade war escalates.

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93 years old and with cancer but covid-19 was responsible for her death. Believable.

Author — peace


just cause you died with Corona doesnt mean you died from corona

Author — rrrohan2288


93, bowel cancer and asthmatic. And the media use this ladies death to continue to push their fear coronavirus mongering garbage!

Author — sofb dodd


Can we also have the faces of the suicides over the last 6 months? Thought not. Disgraceful.

Author — Mono Woman


When politicians dictates they became dictators

Author — maltube


92 and bowel cancer. Sad to see her pass away but dying from bowel cancer is horrific to watch.

Author — siggy k


93 with bowel cancer, she was on her way out anyway and probably died the least painful way

Author — Peter James


"Her family said it shouldn't have happened..." she was 93 years old and had asthma... May she rest in peace, but why blame the care? The Newmarch house is not very lucky at this time.

Author — Zlatomira Boneva


Going back to school is good for the kids education but it should not be compulsory.. especially if you have a immune compromised person at home .. online learning should be continued and sending kids to school should be a choice until there is no covid cases

Author — lexie flippence


My note will read "You don't own my kid"

Author — wufongtan wufong


She had cancer and so may more health issues they can’t legally tell us!!!
She did not die directly because of corona!! Lies and media BS and manipulation!! Again!!

Author — Erraticlee Me


full time school?, second wave of coronavirus coming.

Author — R132


Bowel cancer and asthma 90 odd years old

Author — spannaspinna


I'll start planning for the second wave. If it doesn't happen I'll celebrate. However I don't trust any of the clowns in charge.

Author — Cruxifijo Cruxes


teachers need time to plan, mate you had at least 12 weeks.

Author — Timmo


Why are they leaving these frail old age people in these elderly home's where many have died it's disgusting.

Author — nick ford


If Australia can keep people happy with electricity bills and rent and especially with food... It will be much better. Money is a good invention but take it easy for god sake.take it easy on pensioners and low income earners. Where is the mercy.

Author — Mustafa Celik


Don't you just love how these young parents can't wait to get rid of there kids back to school. I often wonder why they have kids at all if spending a couple of months with them seems so arduous.

Author — DogCurio


And they can keep a straight face when regurgitating this crap.

Author — Michael Rapson


How can schools be safe when they're full of snotty little kids who don't give a toss about hygiene?

Author — Freelance opportunist