Trump won't shut the government down again: Steve Forbes

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Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes discusses how President Trump agreed to end the partial government shutdown without funding for the border wall.

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This is Paul Ryan's fault and the Rhinos when they had the house last year and they had to pass the bill they never bother to do it so with that in mind I say take a broom and sweep out the Democratic party into the toilet and vote and some new people who are for President Trump because they are the Deep state they did not give him what he wanted and now he's stuck with this problem and it's all their fault rhinos

Author — poodle dog


I haven't seen Steve Forbes since he was in Des Moines, Iowa for the "Get Motivated" seminar on May 8, 2012.

Author — Bob Rees,Jr


I see this as a loss and weakness. He should have kept the government shut down. There will be no wall. And if DACA is passed, then we lose the country anyway. A wall won’t matter. America is doomed, Civil war is inevitable.

Author — FlankerVT


You don't know that!!!
He's been POTUS for two years & shut it down twice!!
He's already threaten to do it again.

Author — SAINT 65


I knew they would work their down the pay scale, They went from 10 mill to 250 thou. Won't be long it will be 20 thou. They promised to come after the middle class and 110 percent they'll back off the 1 percent.

Author — Dan B


Russia send Specaz to Venezuela for keep Maduro in power.

Author — Marek Kolenda


Goes to show you how the RINOS under Paul Ryan should have fixed this by having those bills done with that omnibus bill they sent POTUS Trump before. Those political consultants had it wrong again.

Author — Flambo One


Wow all these Fox News A-holes...
400k or so subscribers... haha msnbc has over 2 mil...

Author — Justin Henry


Same old Reaganomics that always results in republican recessions, when will you learn about these crooked republicans.

Author — money never sleeps


Nothing's over til the lush Nancy sings!😉🤣

Author — Erna Sharp


Retreat and Defeat are 2 different undertakings. President has took the former action I n this period of time. But we are seeing the Demonrats and the media are gloating at the moment.

Author — Tom Turner


“what does Putin have on the President, politically, personally or financially, ” Fox Loves Trump

Author — Peter Tyler


Come February 16, 2019 the democrats will not fund the wall and the government will shut down again.

Author — Trisha Seegmiller


The income tax is totally illegal in the first place.

Author — sabwafare


All crime committed by illegals is now on democrats hands.

Author — kerry the truth


Good luck in proving that a marginal tax rate hurts economic growth, there is a shit load of historical data from the 40-50-60-70s that prove otherwise.

Author — Mad Hatman


Peloschumer will fund a barrier when they can get credit for it.

Author — wes c


Pelosi and Schumer - $25 trillion for the Wall, all immigrants must be vetted, a reasonable DACA program, and redo immigration laws. Trump has shown that he is willing to deal. If Pelosi and Schumer don't make a deal they will never be trusted

Author — Paul Artz


Looks like the majority of the USA don't consider the wall critical

Author — easyglide


DACA = a lot of Dem voters and Welfare users

Author — GhostJager81