Coronavirus update: The latest COVID-19 news for Thursday May 21 | ABC News

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The epicentre of new cases and death tolls during this coronavirus pandemic has shifted over several months from China, to Europe and then to the USA.

There's always been concern about what could happen when the virus gets to less developed countries and the numbers are shooting up in places now like Latin America.

Australia's death toll stands at 100 and the number of cases here is relatively low with the big issue for the moment just how soon the internal borders here will open.

In this update:

0:28 - The World Health Organization says the highest number of infections has been recorded globally in a day - 160,000. Russia now has the second highest number of confirmed cases, behind the United States, with the official count above 300,000.

0:47 - Brazil has experienced its deadliest day from coronavirus, recording 1,100 deaths in 24 hours. The country's government is encouraging the use of anti-malarial drugs to treat the virus.

1:03 - The World Bank is warning up to 60 million people will be pushed into "extreme poverty" by the impact of covid-19. It says global economic growth is expected to shrink by 5 per cent this year.

1:13 - The NSW Premier says the opening of state borders across Australia is the sensible thing to do, and denies she is being a bully about the issue towards states which are being more cautious. Gladys Berejiklian also says she's considering easing border restrictions on international students.

1:30 - And the Northern Territory Health Minister has announced the territory is free of active coronavirus cases.

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