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What's happening fragrance fam. In today's video a great alternative to TOP designer fragrances for a fraction of the cost. As you know here on the MAX FORTI channel it's all about informing you to help you make an educated and smart decision...

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Their fragrances are amazing! So light, fresh, authentic, and long lasting. I've been wearing Fresh Floral 3 for 3 months and love it!!! It's reminiscent of Giorgio Armani's Acqua Di gioia and smells Exactly like it! I actually love the clean simplicity of the bottles. You get your money's worth and then some with these fragrances.

Author — Tavi Libra


It blows my mind on how a new company can put out an amazing product with Niche like presentation and quality all for 30 dollars🤔 i love it i keep saying that in this day and age of technology with so many clone houses and inexpensive designer fragrances there is no need to spend more than 50 bucks to smell amazing.

Author — Salsabor Boricua


I watched the whole video and he never mentioned any hidden jams!!!

Author — Jeff Figueroa


Thank you Max for bringing this fragrance house to the public; without you, I would never have discovered them. I wish others would follow their lead and send a decant to try first. You know a company is honest if they will refund in full if you don’t like it.

Author — David B.


I was iffy about ordering from them but you made me feel better! Now I just cant decide what to order.. Anyone have any suggestions?

Author — Serendipity Creations


Like to hear about the new houses. Thanks for the video Max - Nik

Author — Talk N Review


So glad you reviewed this brand. I was on the fence about them but your video really helped me out

Author — Karla Warsaw


i`m interested in that tom ford does it last longer?

Author — depecheddurand


Hey Max... been considering check this company out... also if you ever get around to it, a company named Montagne is really good too...

Author — Nathaniel Alexander


“Coffin-like cardboard box.”

How alluring lol

Author — B Q


The world changes very very fast and you are there to share it. Thank you very much Max. NY is far away for Spain, I'm about to try something without alcohol from Sunnamusk London (sure you know) a greeting

Author — Marcos Ferrer


I actually ordered a few bottles from them last week. I'm awaiting their arrival to test. Looking forward t it.

Author — Sir Jag


Thank you for your time and content...Dozzier wow on my way to site. Great Job

Author — Francisco Velez


Ur on top is ringing loud n folks running fast

Author — Rizwan Rahim


Hi there hun I was wondering if you could answer a question of mine I just needed to know that how do you put fragrance pictures in front of your YouTube videos with your image in it too??can you please recommend an app or guide me in the right direction as I'm about to start up a new channel on shoes! Many thanks for taking the time to read my question and hopefully I look forward to your response! farhana

Author — BY ME FOR YOU


How much they pay you for this commercial?

Author — John Crump


Great video. I noticed that you didn’t mention the concentration and it’s nowhere to be found on the website. EDT? EDP?

Author — nashvilletroy


Really cool, but I wonder how they dont get sued as these are basically close knock offs of larger brands?

Author — jdmercado718


Great video max .... see you around 👍💪

Author — Mehdi Scent


guys where they send these perfume is from a company within the US oh it comes directly from china

Author — Daysi Morales