How China Is Reshaping the Coronavirus Narrative | NYT News

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We looked at China’s expansive propaganda system aimed at foreigners and analyzed thousands of English-language tweets from state media and diplomats. Here are the coronavirus messages China is projecting to the world.

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Lying about the origin will guarantee it will happen again. A very dangerous lie, that will only bring death to everyone. Foolish!

Author — MrLel LoL


It's almost funny how little the rest of the world actually knows about how China works.

Author — Jude Huzicko


The New York Times talking about 'reshaping narratives'... How ironic.

Author — A Li


I'm surprised the Times actually put this out....

Author — adam glover


China after an epidemic is cured: Let’s go back to selling wildlife animals again!!

Nature: How Many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?!!

Author — Dr. DeadPool


I'm surprised NYT is actually doing investigative journalism during these times. Now if CNN wasn't lined with China money...

Author — HippieSkippy100


CCP is the virus itself. Infecting the people of the world. Let us all lockdown our connection with them.

Author — neneng del rosario


China: Fires all foreign journalists

Also China: No new cases reported!!! Congratulations to me!

Author — Louie Southgate


I thought the liberal media adored China.

Author — Lord_ Freeholder


The amount of distrust in the comment section should be enough evidence to show how little faith people have in China... And for good reason.

Author — UK Nomad


Oof. Looks like EFT is going to have a competitor: Escape From China.

Author — Rashy Algae


When you have a notoriously badly behaved tourist image all over the world, it's very hard to try to change that. Anything else that is remotely linked to China will just be piled on top of that

Author — Ivan


This is because of cover-up of china in early stages, all countries are facing this problem. Bloods of innocent across the world is on chinese government hand.

Author — INDG


the Truth can’t be hidden in a steel box forever.

Author — Epyonwings


Respect the producers of this story for calling the CCP out.

Author — Leventhan


Finally, NYT let people see the real ccp

Author — Chih-Ming Fu


Wonder how long it'll be before Youtube disappears this video...

Regardless, that's some good reporting there NYTimes. I knew you still had it in you.



The CCP manages to be even more terrible and disgusting than Trump's administration, it is actually insane.

Author — zzzx x1


This is EXACTLY why citizens in Hong Kong got to protest for their freedom and democracy. If the world doesn't do anything, this kind of propaganda and turning facts upside down will hit all of us real hard. The coronavirus is just a starting point.

Author — Vanessa


Isn't the only high level lab in China that deals with these kind of viruses in Wuhan???

Author — paul crottie