Thousands vent anger over Kashmir at Pakistan protest

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Thousands of protesters have vented their anger over India’s decision to revoke Kashmir's special status in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.

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Lol, Imran was right If BJP get elected again Kashmir issue might get solved.

Author — Rogue Samurai


China doesn't take care of Hong Kong but fears law and order in India

Author — Raghu Reddy


POK bhi chahiye Abb.
Ye dil mange more...

Author — sumer sing


Jealous western media who can't grow a spine to solve there own jihadi immigration problem, and cry when someone else does. Wake up west!!

Author — Surendra Singh


Its a video from POK not Indian Kashmir. It should be clearly stated in the title of the video.

Author — Deshbhakt Bharatiya


Isn't Pakistan's priority now should be get economy in order after getting bailout from IMF.

Author — Dipanjan Bhattacharya


The fact that Pak was happy about an Indian law shows the law was soo wrong. Good India scrapped 370

Author — Nisha Kanchan


Bad journalism
Showing Pakistani footage and reporting Indian Kashmir.
Need to take geography class

Author — ch pa


Modi hai toh Mumkin hai Ab Toh Baluchistan ko mil jayegi Azaadi😎

Author — Supreet Chavan


The unbiasedess in this news is a great example for the rest of the news channels in the world


Author — shashankjp88


Chinese should take care of Muslim living over there...Hongkong is boiling...let's see how they handle. ..

Author — Dinesh Kumar


It's not even indian police, or army uniform lol

Author — Beyond Anime-Verse


Modi he to mumkin he sun lo porki.
Abb kasmir ki sinta soro belusistan ko pakar k rakho😋

Author — Pulakesh Kalita


2:18. To the young lady with the sign reading “They make a desolation and call it peace.” This quotation is attributable to Calgacus, a chieftain of the Caledonian Confederacy who fought the Roman army of Gnaeus Julius Agricola at the Battle of Mons Graupius in northern Scotland in AD 83 or 84. These are not the words of Aga Shahid Ali.

Author — CA Levy


Jo ukhadna hai ukhad lo hamara 🤣🤣 tumhari to roji roti hi indian news se chalti hai bc hon 😂🤣

Author — akash mandloi


I have to say, if I had to pick a side, I'd back India. Pakistan was a safe harbor for Osama Bin Laden and still is a safe harbor and friend to the Taliban. I've noticed Pakistan is always either making excuses for or outright supporting terrorist groups that attack and destabilize Pakistan's neighbors. If Pakistan would help stop the flow of weapons and terrorism out of Kashmir then maybe the issue would not be an issue. It seems Kashmir flares up every few years. Someone should analyze the conflict and see if it correlates with the Pakistani election cycle.

Author — San Antonio Slim


It's funny how Indian troops came there and locked family's in their home. In addition, they kill anyone who comes out. Yet the world isn't standing up.

Author — The Uhhh


This is not india .its Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The police uniforms is not ours

Author — Kala Bhirava


Main to bss mje lene k liye ye sb video dekhne aata hun😂🤣😂🤣

Author — Avinash Yadav


It's extremely concerning how British media is daily showing biased, one-sided story of Kashmir - from the pov of a group who want to build a theocracy.

Author — Mrityunjay Singh