Tom Holland Surprises Chris Pratt

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Chris gives men advice for Valentine’s Day, and talks about getting trim for Jurassic Park, gaining weight “Parks and Recreation,” and he takes some audience questions from fans in the audience including a surprise from Tom Holland. Tom and Chris also talk about their new Pixar movie “Onward,” and Tom reveals what he bought his twin brothers for their 21st birthday.

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Tom Holland Surprises Chris Pratt

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Lmao when Tom revealed himself the girl behind him instantly got pregnant.

Author — Kelly Bills


Marvel's collecting:
Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine

Tom Holland, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy

Author — Josiah Payne


The Asian girl behind Tom is so wholesome she had a mini heart attack

Author — o. k


chris: "hello and goodbye..those are the only words his father said"
jimmy: "people are already crying."
tom: "it's a comedy!"

that was lowkey funny but i love the meaning behind the movie

Author — Ruthie Wynn


*if chris and tom swapped places*
Chris: starting with chris
Tom: evans, hemsworth
Chris: chris p
Tom: chris pine

Author — Double Features


The girl sitting behind Tom Holland is freaking out like so much! She’s like: “OMG he was sitting in front of me the whole time!”😂

Author — Matthew Guerra


Chris Pratt: Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston

Tom Holland: Mr.Stark I'm not feeling good

Author — Saitama


Did he.
Did he really.
Did he really... "surprise" Chris Pratt.


Author — Holden Caulfield


Chris Pratt is so funny, and Tom Holland is like a little brother who is too adorable that no one wants to make him sad.

Author — Cassie


Tom: My name’s Tom by the way.
Everyone in the audience:

Author — Fernando_


“Surprises” but doesn’t show Chris’s face at all during the reveal

Author — Eagle 87


Jimmy: how do you get ready for jurassic world the next one?
Chris: i starve
Jimmy: can't they just CGI you like they do with the dinosaurs?

Chris: *Hits blunt*

you just cost universal a lot of money

Author — lowe silvan


Tom: Try younger. Jimmy: But still with Tom H? Tom: Still with the Tom H. Chris: Hiddleston! Tom: Is Huey Lewis going to be here soon? 🤣

Author — seeriu ciihy


Tom: My name’s Tom, by the way.

Everyone: * Cheers *

Me: *Yes Tom, accurate.*

Author — PF Zimmerman


It is just like hemsworth and holland promotiong their movies.

Author — sudip rizal


anyone else waiting the entire time for him to say Tom hiddlesten

Author — Manssi Ratte


Chris - "oh she doesn't watch your show.."

jimmy -
*laughs on the outside.. dies a little on the inside..*

Author — AwkwardAndShy


When Tom Holland stands up and everyone is going crazy, there is this guy calmly sitting next to him with this smug grin on his face like "Yup, I knew he was here the whole time."

Author — Meghna Rajagopalan


This is cool but it's hardly a "surprise" when it's obviously scripted.

Author — StabStabStabStabby


The girl behind Tom is basically everyone if somehow Tom suddenly reveals himself in front of them

Author — Eric Vulgar