Italy suffocated by #coronavirus: the story of patients and doctors in the grip of Covid-19

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Unreported Europe takes a look at stories from the first week in the country now recording the highest amount of deaths related to the new coronavirus. …

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LISTEN TO ME. If you live in a country where cases are not too much yet, please stay at home, don't stay in crowded places and don't touch other people. The situation here in Italy is horrible, but YOU still have the power to avoid and prevent all of this. Do it for yourself and for the people you love. Please.

Author — guessmybias


Italy is putting worst nightmares. I can't imagine how Italians are actually living it. May God Save Italy.

Author — Sheshank Joshi


I'm from india...I know I can't do anything in Italy but I really can pray for this country and for this love all countries and this beautiful please stay home don't go out and follow precautions please 🙏😑

Author — Mohit Kumar


instead of spending money on space exploration, weapons etc. humans should have focused on how to tackle viral pandemics. something is wrong with our way of thinking .

Author — cov1D


And ignorant, arrogant, selfish tourists believe that visiting the Coloseum is more important than their well-being and that of others . Then they will take hospital beds from those that do care about their lives. 🙏 🙏 🙏

Author — Uhn Lucky


Young adults still amassing at beaches and having play dates with a careless attitude. When doctors have to make a choice who lives and who dies, they will let the younger selfish, arrogant a**hole that couldn't stay home as directed over our older responsible grandparents.

Author — JERRYR708


I can't believe that people are still saying "in Italy are dying so many people because they are much more old folks." Wtf. Young people are dying too.

Author — 88desdemona


So horrific to be alone when one dies! God bless the Italian people and the world as we all struggle with this pandemic. Prayers for the world.🙏🙏🙏🙏❤

Author — Judith Baney


this is so sad my heart goes out for Italy we are all in this together

Author — John Smith


The Doctors doesn’t want to be tested so that they can continue to work n save lives, they have places in Heaven. These are angels on earth. Crisis brings out the best and worst in the humanity. In Hong Kong Medical staff still go on strike n draw lots to go to work in ICU. What a shame! Respect n salute to doctors n medical workers in Italy, will pray for you.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Author — Lam Jay


• Willfully Covering Up the Outbreak Since November 2019
• Silence it’s Whistle blower in Early Dec
• Still Covering up actual Numbers till Now
• Letting Infected People travel all over the world
• Reject help from US and other Countries
• Control WHO to mislead people about Severity
• Threaten Govt’s Stop Exporting Critical Medical Resources
• Falsely implying their fake narrative that this ‘Chinese” Virus did not originate from China

Author — mrearlygold


Poor guy! 😭 to live with thinking he killed his dad. Young people need to be more careful and concern of this!

Author — May Moon


Pray for Italy. 13 doctor's died, so far.

Author — Mark Yaske


Stay safe, guys! We shall overcome this crisis.

Author — Jairaj Hattiholi


You guys pray for us too, the condition in India is very bad And I pray that the condition of Italy and all the people of the world is better

Author — salaam shaikh


"We're the last people they see before they die"
That's just profound..

Author — Mohaamd_7


Heart stumbled when they said doctors are the last persons they'll be meeting!! God please save Italy!! 😒😥🙏

Author — subaashri s


Am in tears..God save us all here in italy...

Author — Loretta Addison


May God bless Italy with loads of immunity and ability to fight off the disease.

Author — saurabh singh


My God why this is happening to Italians this is so sad my God my God.

Author — Eva Curcio