Emotional support alligator wades into 'Watters' World'

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Joey Henney and his emotional support alligator, Wally, try to put Jesse at ease.

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Not gonna lie that gator is pretty cute

Author — Evan Eaton


Sorry, I don't want to see another story with Nancy Pelosi in it.

Author — americafirstgal


emotional support honey badger, here i come.

Author — Peter Peterson


I mean, as far as “emotional support animals” go, this one is pretty badass.

Author — Emperor Charlemagne


I wouldn't keep an alligator that close to my balls...😓

Author — Lup Ras


That's not as strange as my bag of emotional support scorpions. I am sad that most of them got lost at the movie theater.

Author — Eric Huff


Is he making fun of that sweet old man and his relationshIp with his alligator? I dont own reptiles, let alone an alligator, but I do have a Dog, she is a bit big, doesn't like being left alone, slightly stipid, and i couldn't imagine life without her. Im all for fluff but making fun of an adorable love for one another is too much lol

Author — N64 Danny


My emotional support bobcat and I were asked to leave the Wal-Mart's. I'm thinking it's LAWSUIT time.

Author — Jimbo Bojim


Wally looks a bit like Nancy Pelosi, but he's got his own teeth.

Author — Hairy John


I really wouldn't want a gator's mouth so close to my genitals, even if he was "supportive".

Author — mark haas


I wish the alligator would bite the smug smile off the interviewers face.

Author — Jeff Campanella


Wow this interviewer is maybe the worst ive ever seen lol

Author — Jonnn W


Gator thinks he's a cat XD Does that make him Trans-species?

Author — jonokai


My idea of a support alligator: Someone upsets me, the gator rips their arm off. I feel better just thinking about it.

Author — SwapPart, LLC


I Love It ! I would love to see a Burglars reaction to coming face to face with this guys Gator !

Author — Joseph Capps


I'm so happy when I'm with my emotional support rattlesnake named 'Kisses'

Author — Big Dummy


Some of the questions weren't probing enough, some were contemptuous

Author — zealandzen


DoDo should do the interview this guy isnt that good

Author — MoJo Co


They (both) seem content that's what really matters.

Author — Notmy Cupoftea


Wally is great and I love that he can be as sweet as a bull. Thanks Wally for being so helpful to your owner.

Author — Cindy-Lou Who