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President Trump claims to have well over $10 Billion dollars but his finances are still kept very secret. So how much money does Donald Trump really have? Watch this video and find out.

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3.5 billions? So he's still rich af, got it.

Author — sivx17


3.5 billion? So he's richer than your whole organisation. Got it.

Author — xRizzbob


Last time I was this early, this was called Test Tube.

Author — Hugo Batista


Well at least he became wealthy before he was president and not after. And didn't they find out that he pays more in taxes than Hillary Clinton Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders

Author — Kase 317


How powerful is the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)?
This is my 3rd petition!

Author — Askeladden


He spent 7billion dollars in wigs that resist to the wind to fool the press

Author — I am European


We all know the answer:

A small loan of million dollars.

Author — Roberts D.


I was wondering if I can get just a small loan of a million dollars from him.

Author — CinnamonRoll


"My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars" Donald Trump

Author — Carwyn Jones


Last time I was this early, this was called Test Tube

Author — Imperator Palpatine


Trump's hair alone is worth at least 5 billion

Author — Mangled Potato


never show this kind of video that is purely conjectures. thumbs down.

Author — despot custodio


That small loan of a million was actually 3.9 million which in today's money is over 25 million dollars

Author — Jason Ciola


But how much of his worth is in hock to the Russian oligarchs?

Author — dave freier


When you see your ex getting dumped 1:17

Author — Jay Kay


"An island, surrounded by wate, big water, ocean water."

-Trump 2017

Author — Hari Naicker


Lmao small loan of a million dollar 😂😂

Author — Antony Castellanos


You sound jealous, just worry about what your own net worth is!

Author — Ray karl


whatever it is now its probably double what it was before he took office...

Author — Ron Walsh


he's so rich and successful

he needs to remind me all the time

Author — Santiago Bron