Driving Stereotypes ft. Dale Jr

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Love em or hate em, these drivers are everywhere.

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School Stereotypes

The Cool Kid
The Nerd
The Sports Guys
The Little Kids
The Lame Crew
Homework Harry
Sprinter Sam
The Person Who Does Work Before Everyone Else
The Water Guy
Bathroom Boys
Competition Carl
The Rage Monster
The Test Fail Guy
Straight A Steven
The Bullies
The Try To Act Cool Guy
The Sports People
The Cafeteria
Recess Guy
The Hungry One
The Kid Who Has Amazing Food For Lunch
The Losing Stuff Guy
The Losers Club
The Pro Club
Running Club
Tech Guy
The Sneaks His Phone In Class Guy
The Cheater
The Annoying Friend
The Guesser
Not Paying Attention Nate
The Book King
Math Wizards
The Experiment
The Band Geeks
The Take Out Lunch Kid
The Disgusting Eater
The Lunchbox Club
The Milk Hogger
The Person Who Asks “You want that?” In Lunch
The Bad Teachers
The Strict Teachers
The Kid Who’s Mom Comes In Class
The Pencil Breaker
The Cheerleaders
The Three Snakateers
The Joker
The Kid Who Only Talks About Marvel
Anime Alison
Sweaty Sam
The Sprinter Of Math
The Gamer
The Person who talks to they’re teacher just to talk to them
The Odd One Out
The School Shooter
The Art Girl
The Person From The Philippines (I’m not offending anybody I’m Filipino too 🙂)
The Guy that was from Connecticut
The Fall Festival
The People who are not Caucasian
The Overprotective Friend
The Person Who Always Do Fun Raisers
PJ Day
Pre K
The Roaster
The Pen Chewer
The Eraser Eater
The Depressed Corner
The Teachers Pet
Running Club
Advanced Classes
The School Store
The Book Fair
The “Tardy” Kid
Freeze Tag
The Teacher Who Has Candy For Kids
Mr. Excuses
The Stacks Of Homework
The Bubble Gum Blowers
The Unexpected Phone Call
The Bad Expo Marker
The Romantic Couple
The Hard Math Problem
The Daredevils
Show and Tell
The Smuggler
Candy For Breakfast
A Dollar For Ice Cream
The Quitter
The British Kid
The Annoying Bunch
Mr. Apologies
The Locker Switch Up
The Stalker Locker
That Girl
The School Shooter
The Lunch Stealer
The Smoocher
The Bored Day
The Sleeper
The Kid Who’s In 4th Grade But Still Wines And Think Everything Is His.
The Nintendo Switch Bringer
The Kid Who Reminds Their Teacher About Homework
The Girl Magnet
The Boy Magnet
The Fast Eater
The Kid Who Always Does Fun Raisers
The Kid With The Cool Backpack
The Substitute
The Thanksgiving Break (or any kind of break)
The Kid Who Likes Paw Patrol and he’s like 13
The Pokémon Collectors
The Begger
The Kid Who Thinks He Owns The World

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Author — Solar Wing


Imagine if they forgot to record the rage monster....

Author — TDS Gaming


That dog lady was definitely not scripted

Author — mds67scarano


When they smashed the car..
MrBeast: But that’s MY job
Edit: This is the most likes I have ever gotten! Thank you MrBeast fans!

Author — Jack Rush


Vacation stereotypes or airline stereotypes that would be hilarious

Author — mattsucksatmusic


Love how Cory has to actually pull the stuff out of Cody’s truck to make it fall 😂

Author — Jenna Fitz


4:56 When I forget my Lunch box in the car be like...

Author — FishDoes_Mc mynameisLive4Ever


What about the “has a million air fresheners in his car” guy

Author — Jt Pallis


“What America did you grow up in” THE DAD WAS THE BEST PART

Author — bhawar bhawarlal


*How Many Dollars They Spent On The “Rage Monster”*
*Edit: Never Had These Many Likes Though*

Author — Kimigøshi Official


1:51 the" hope you have car insurance girl"

Author — earl collins


“Never know when you’ll have to sizzle a patty”
~Cody Jones

Author — Isaac Lex


“What America did you grow up in?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — Rival Racer


“The black hole” is so accurate lol always happens

Author — Dale Thom


* five minutes after rage monster*
Inside edition: There is a rage monster walking a round

Author — Reese McLennan


5:03 someone make a meme of Tyler flying in space

Author — Bob Bib


Ty activates a grenade and throws it in someone’s yard

Author — Galaxy squad


0:38 “My little pony?”😂😂😂 That made me laugh

Author — Twilight_Emmy


Me: *sees rage monster*
Also me: that car will never get done repairing

Author — Xavier Zuniga


3:04 when someone beats me in a race for $10, 000

Author — Korede Olutayo