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The Queen, in her annual speech, has said "small steps" and not giant leaps bring about the most lasting change.

She also acknowledged that 2019 had been "quite bumpy".

Her message comes after a year of intense political debate over Brexit, as well as a number of personal events affecting the Royal Family.

Her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, 98, left hospital on Tuesday after four nights for a "pre-existing condition".

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The Queen when she's 993 years old: I remember my childhood back in 2019..

Author β€” The Creature 911


You who read this comment, I wish you a pleasent day...

Author β€” Daisuke Makoto


2019 was the worst year for me. I lost a friend who killed himsel in March, I wanted to kill myself, I suffered depression. 2019 sucks.. hope for a better change in 2020. But I will never forget the 2010s, I will miss these years

Author β€” Alan Parker


comments not disabled? oh this is gonna be fun πŸ‘Œ

Author β€” A Public Forum for Discussion


What a wonderful message! I'm an American and I find this short speech very inspiring. I usually spend my Christmas on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco -- where people jump to their deaths an average of once per week. I pass out candy canes with a small message attached to it accompanied by a small gift card. It isn't anything of seeming importance. My goal (if you can call it that) is that someone who might be experiencing the pains that are often magnified by loneliness over the holidays might feel hope and know that they are loved. It isn't a giant leap of love, but I hope that it is a small step that might matter to someone (even if I never know). So, I've got my box filled with candy canes and gift cards and I'm about to head over to the bridge. Before I go, I'd like to wish anyone who is reading this a happy Christmas and a wonderfully blessed new year. God bless you!

Author β€” Chris M


This was better than youtube rewind 2019

Author β€” Isla Webster


I see people are being toxic in the comments for no reason

Author β€” saikat bag


She looks young for her age. Maybe it's the andrenochrome.

Author β€” Woah


I was in Public School, when Canada "Took Down" The Union Jack Flag.

Author β€” John Pike


Merry Christmas Everyone πŸŒ²πŸŽ…
From Nepal πŸ‡³πŸ‡΅

Author β€” Anand Thakur


Why I'd end up here after watching NBA fights eludes me

Author β€” Jeffrey Vauxhall


It will be a very sad day when we lose this gracious lady. No one will be the leader that she has been!

Author β€” Scott & Heather Nash


"It is often small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change." That's the word from my Queen. I will always remember such a remark from the most important person on earth.

Author β€” Elisha Oluwafemi


The hell with you 2019!! May you never EVER return!

Author β€” chris


Our dear Queen. We love and honour you. God bless you.

Author β€” Angela Dyson


7:24 The Great Pudding Attack priceless :D

Author β€” Tony Blakeney


7:22 The Queen got scared of the child`s action lol

Author β€” Silver ImpAct


What a classy and wise lady. Such a moving and eloquent speech as well.

Author β€” Ryan Johnston


She was there when Santa Klaus was born:)))

Author β€” Knowdledge is Power


Netflix's The Crown showed that HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh is a fan of the moon landing.

Author β€” 09shadowjet