Dodge Hellcat Outruns Chopper in Houston Police Chase! Driver Almost Makes it

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A high-speed police chase sprinted across the greater Houston area over lunch time, involving a 200MPH stolen Dodge Hellcat with a deputy's flying tackle ending the wild scene in a cow pasture.

Original chase: 10/13/17

It all started around noon when a suspect in a stolen white car led officers in pursuit along I-10. Speeds, at times, topped well over 100 mph. After roughly an hour, the suspect got off the freeway at the Winnie exit.

At about 1 p.m., the suspect pulled over to the side of Highway 73 south of Beaumont, and got out of the car. He took off on foot into a wooded area.

Officers searched for the driver amid the brush before he was spotted, walking casually and talking on his cell phone. A deputy tackled the man and he was taken into custody by helicopter.

Officers with Houston Police Department and at least one other Harris County agency began the pursuit. Texas DPS troopers, Chambers County Sheriff's deputies and the Beaumont Police Department helicopter assisted in the search.

The driver has been identified as Mohmed Ahmed Abu-Shlieba, 25. He was believed to have been armed during the chase. He was in a stolen vehicle, and had active warrants. There's no word on what new charges he may face.

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I bet Dodge execs/engineers are smiling watching this.

Author — John Lee


Am I the only one that cringes everytime they say "Dodge Charger"?

Author — YourGivingTree


Listen, if he can drive like that, he deserves the car more than the original owner.

Author — Enzo Verde


12:27 This guy used his turn signal. In a high speed chase. What a legend...

Author — I Lack Creativity In names


He pulls back up to the dealership. "Okay i will take it"

Author — Andrew Burke


He was trying to call Lester but he was still in sight of the cops

Author — Deaf Punk


Dodge engineers watching this
53 mins later : "tears of happiness"

Author — Chv shashank


Dodge: how much horsepower you need? Hellcat: yes.

Author — Christopher Hendricks


“Guys going at least 110” My boy was going at least 140

Author — Jake Calvert


was this a police chase or a car commercial for a Dodge Hellcat?

Author — Stephan Harz


Every car dude when the reporter says "dodge charger":


Author — Lamp Nigga


police: "there we go, we got em"

dodge: let us see about that

Author — erick montes


and u know that supercharger is ripping i can imagine the sound of it passing me😭😭

Author — Jacin


Driver: was I a good driver?
Dodge executives: no...
You were the best.

Author — Ala Mierda


imagine watching a demon fly past the hellcat

Author — TheNintendoDude


Imagine him pulling into a pitstop, 6 guys run out change tires and refuel in 5 sec

Author — The Collector


“This guy clearly knows he has some power under that engine”

Author — Johnny Come Lately


12:30 - 12:50 at least doing 150 or 160 mph there’s semis and cars doing maybe 65-75 and they look like sitting ducks when he passes. It’s probably Franklin driving because nobody can drive like that without crashing

Author — Zayne Mcdonald


take a shot every time when they say “charger”

Author — Fernando Rodrigue, Jr.


Roughly 50, 000 Hellcats were sold after this chase aired.

Author — TruthHurts404