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SUPER BIG trick shots in a Super Bowl stadium!
Special thanks to the NFL for sponsoring this video!

►Music by Zayde Wølf - "New Blood"

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Pound it. Noggin.
- Dude Perfect

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Pumped that y'all love Super Bowl Stadium Trick Shots!
Pound it. Noggin.

Author — Dude Perfect


Can you guys put a counter at the bottom of the screen to show how many attempts it took for the shot

Author — Feetus Deletus


6:57 "we're so high" 😂😂 that's we need to go down

Author — Thomas Shelby Leader of the Peaky Fookin Blinders


How to make dude perfect video : throw something and scream

Author — Charlie Swandi


You know you're successful when NFL sponsores you
Great vid 💙

Author — Anoynamous Squirrel


6:38 - 6:45 I know some NFL teams that are probably interested in those accuracy abilities, lol.

Author — Ancapistan Will RIse


From doing trick shots in their backyard to being sponsored by the NFL... Wow

Author — 10,000 Subs No Videos


U guys should do a zero gravity trickshot video
If u agree press

Author — advanced floss


When your video is sponsored by the NFL that’s when you know you made it.

Author — Willmcc 7


6:45 I wonder how many tries that took

Author — Drizzly Gang


6:54: When you think that Cody said something else.

Author — Cole_YT


6:37 Why dont you jump from that top and land like THOR...it takes only one shot 🤔

Author — Mickey Tech


“Feel like my toenail is about to fall off” oh that confirms you’re American 😂

Author — King Tomo720


They got sponsored by the NFL, that’s pretty big

Author — Jacob Merced


That crossbar hit seemed impossible, idk how these guys do it 😐

Author — Van - Rod Lafortune


when you and your friends smoke too much 6:54

Author — David Cole Contreras


Ty: this is like a stadium on top of the sta-
Cody: and I don’t like it
Lol I feel ya Codes

Author — MasterDoge987


Coby Wins a mini battle

Ty: here you go (gives him a mini trophy)

Coby: thank you Ty.

Me: “in reality, it’s a golf tee”.

Author — Awesome Ethan


BREAKING: Chicago Bears sign Garrett to a 1 year deal.

Author — Bryar Oliver


I loved when Tyler said to Coby “It took I’m .2 seconds to ask for his mini trophy battle

Author — Avyukta Ankam