Riots at Russian Embassy in Kiev, March 6th, 2016

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Kiev, March 6th 2016. Russian Embassy
On the night of March 6th "unknown" assailants have entered the territory of Russian Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine and destroyed several cars belonging to the diplomats. The next day the pogroms continued. This video shows the angry crowd at the embassy. Several people have again entered the territory of the embassy and destroyed CCTVs on premises.

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В мире масс медиа голос народа в большей части остаётся неуслышанным. Все беды, конфликты и заботы народов аккуратно перемалываются и перевариваются современными медиа машинами. На этом канале мы собираем коллекцию видео о насущной борьбе народов против машины элитизма. Как всегда, мои дорогие зрители, вам решать, смотреть или нет. Главное - думайте самостоятельно.

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Soros promised a few chunks of stale bread and vodka ?

Author — William Braganza Hanna


Почему РТ лучшая позития всегда есть?

Author — Bertrand_Sushibar_Russell


A+ window bashing, that'll sure fix your country.

Author — Michael


EU has put them under a boot, and they go off on the Russians. Bizarre! Hey, people of Kiev, Porky and Yanky Rat has just sold you and the next couple generations of you to the EU banking system. Have many fun days and nights ahead. But keep pissing on the ones that may one day be able to help you out of it.

Author — Louloe


Why are a bunch of new reporters rioting? That is all I see.

Author — Show Me What You Got


300% inflation. Half bying power. 100% GDP debt. A totally failed state in banckupcy that is killing it's own peoples, and will not join the EU until 2025 only if banderovitz leave the power. due to it's default on Russian debt, impossibility to have a normal loan for less than 50% interest. That's what you get when you are an idiot believing that neo fascist could have a diner with the occidentals. They manipulated you because you are brainlesse dudes. Scapegoats won't help you to be more responsible. They will only lead you to nothing !

Author — Arnaque Acn


All this violene just to support the fascist piolt soldier Naydia Savchenko who is accused of kill two Russian journalists. The worst of all is that the U.S and the European Union turn Ukraine into a fascist State.

Author — Gabriel Infante Carrillo