Dr. Fauci Explains The Timeline And Risks Of Creating A COVID-19 Vaccine | MSNBC

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Dr. Fauci describes the complicated timeline of creating a vaccine for a disease like COVID-19, including the different stages of development and the risks that have to be taken into consideration before releasing to the public.

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Dr. Fauci explains the timeline and risks of creating a COVID-19 vaccine | MSNBC

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Dr. Fauci is the only Trump administration representative who tells the truth. The only one. I pray he stays healthy and employed.

Author — Emily Moss


I'd rather die of Covad-19/20 than lose my freedom.

Author — Sma 556


A man who knows all about Vaccines and testing doesn’t need to claim they “know all about it” or claim that they are a “Stable Genius”. It’s nice to hear someone so reasonable and sincere for once on that stand.

Author — m y


Stop feed them stop watching medias they want vaccine people when there is natural remedies

Author — Nah 69


This guy is doing so many briefings/media interviews that he is loosing his voice. He needs a day of rest.

Author — Cass Smith


He’s not telling us what we wanna hear. He’s telling us what we NEED to hear.

Author — TheDCGuitar13


This is the ONLY person that should be on t.v. talking about this...

Author — Cedar Who


The Dr. doesn't look like a 79 year old

Author — LJ Man


Finally someone talks about the risk/rewards of vaccines, instead of just saying it's safe or bad...

Author — Elephant Force Official Music


This comment section looks like a great place to take a nap - 'cause everyone in here is fast asleep!

Don't drink the Kool-Aid, people.

Author — Luke Williams


You don't make the timeline, the virus makes the timeline. --- Dr. Anthony Fauci

Author — Rob Li


Fauci does not have "hunches" about effective drugs like someone we know.

Author — Letha Hadady


Dr. Fauci will be Time’s Person of the Year, I’m calling it now.

Author — samdajellybeenie


He’s the General MacArthur of biology and crisis. He’s fighting them all and will fight this and overcome it.

Author — Arian Profit


Can we just have this guy at the briefing not the Orange failure and his lap dogs

Author — Abdel Hammami


This is the only person that needs to be speaking at that podium.

Author — Bones Jackson


Funny how no one was listening to this man for years and his warnings of pending doom with potential pandemic. Now they expect him to fix it.

Author — gsg9ff


I really hope he stays healthy and safe. For his and his family's sake and ours.
We love you, Sir!!!
And Thank You for being open with us.

Author — hyacinthdibley2


this guy is tied to the Clinton Foundation when he spent his time in Etheopia

Author — WWG1WGA!


I love this guy. He is very intelligent and knows what he is talking about. Thank

Author — Ms. G