Video shows migrant teen who died in US holding cell l ABC News

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Officials are demanding answers after new video shows the unattended 16-year-old from Guatemala fall seriously ill from the flu and slowly die.

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Yes he came into America illegally however it doesn’t mean he’s not a human being that is 16 years old. A human is still a human no matter what race or age. It’s disgusting how they let him die like that.

Side note: he did come in illegally. When seeking asylum, the petitioner must wait till it’s approved. Chances of that is very low.

Author — ツMari


The whole system is rotten. These guys dont care.

Author — Bdpjev


Everyone here is so cruel, illegal immigration shouldn’t equal a death sentence

Author — Slacker


This is horrible he needed medical attention and they just let him die

Author — SBF HAWK


Rest In Peace 😢they saw him dying and didn’t care.

Author — MrBossdog2


This is completely unacceptable, we don't treat real criminals this poorly.

Edit: for those that want to argue this, here's some perspective for you, horrific serial killer Randy Kraft currently sits comfortably on death row which he has been for the last 30 years, yet this kid dies cause no one could be bothered to bring him antibiotics and a glass of water.

Author — Corey Chosy


Does not matter the circumstances that got him in that cell, that is just in humane

Author — Nikolas Williams


America is the greatest country my ass. they cant even have someone treated with a flu

Author — Aland


And the people who think this is ok consider themselves "pro life" smh🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Author — AvaZweetie


Please don’t choose orange man again for president.

Author — Thvgs


That’s terrible... kid died slow alone, probably scared. Rip. He’s probably in a better place.

Author — Tyrone Comblast


The disregard for human life in the comments is troubling.

Author — Jorge Soto


The saddest part is that we can't do anything about this except comment on yt

Author — TheHybridlogic


The guards: there are so many people in custody we forgot we had to feed them

Refugees: dies of heart attack

Author — Lord Azreal Lais


They're treating these people as if they're not human.

Author — Did I Stutter?


To let a child die like that is sick. That's absolute torture.

Author — smile it's just a game


Poor boy treated him like a dog....my he rest in peace

Author — Martina Chavez


When civil war breaks out in America, the tables will turn and we will be the ones trying to cross borders to Mexico and Canada illegally.

Author — Joe N Crypto


I am a true American but this pisses me off. How could you treat someone like that....

Author — Tanner Carney


“We the people” NAH WE THE WHITES.

“And justice for all” NAH THATS JUST A JOKE NOW.

Author — E Pac